OT>hu skipping...


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so finnaly got my alphas running great off the 1750,1 they are mad loud, but i can onnly play my ipod now cuz the cd player skips around 23-25/40...any suggestions? could i jame something behind it to stop if from movin and he same on he sides and bottom...?

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is it grounded right

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assuming its grounded correctly, it sounds like its not secured very well, you don't want to just JAM something in there,but yeah, you need some way to keep it from moving

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edead around the opening should help

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yeah its grounded fine, because with my ipod i can go up to like 30 (where i stop bc of distortion) but when i put cd's in i can onnly get to like 22-23 then it skips, i jsut put a bunch of door still gasket sealeer around it, like a thin styrofoam sheet, and it still does the same thing and this is very secure in there it hardly moves, the one thing i do notice is the face place moving quite a bit, but how would i stop that...?

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oh boo hoo too much bass you suck. stop that bs

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I'm having the same problem. I'd use the ipod.

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loosin the screws holdin the HU in or take the screw out and throw some foam or edead inbetween the bracket and teh screw

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im not complaning nate, i love the bass, im thinking about getting the 3520.1 as soon as i can so i can let the alphas loose lol...but yeah i jsut want to be able to play cds too, cuz my ipod is messed and freezes sometimes ( its 4 yrs old, the mini) so i might buy a new one, but yeah i was thinking about buying a double din screen, what are some good ones/sites to buy from, dont want to spend to much like 500-600....thanks...
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