Low pass crossover question. VERY URGENT


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I have a cuspid USA 4 channel amp. Its crappy, but I got it for like $25 from some kid. Its 4 channels 400 watts per channel peak. I cant find RMS information, but it's probably pushing 100 watts per channel RMS, hopefully.

anyway, i'm powering two ultra linear 300 watt RMS single voice coil subs with that amp. However there is no crossover on the amp, so it sounds like crap.
basically I need to know the cheapest thing I can buy to cut out the highs...and how is it hooked up? RCA in and RCA outs? Does it need to be powered? if so what guage wire.

for the record, this is not for me. I have a decent system. I'm doing this for a friend who has no money, and doesnt rly care about SQ. she just needs a bit of bass. so really, cheapest easiest thing please.

I need to install it soon so PLEASE HELP.
I appreciate it. I just have no experience with crossovers.

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You can purchase a crossover coil for the desired frequency cutoff. Most electronic stores should have them for under $10. Look for cutoff frequency of 80Hz - 100Hz.
You can also buy an electronic crossover. This one costs more.
Connection is very simple. For active electronic crossover, connect it before the sub amp. For xover coil, connect it to the sub's speaker connector in series.
You can also do a search on eBay for xover for subs. You should be able to find one under $10.

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Thanks. I ended up getting one at a sketchy car audio shop near me for $25. Cheap enough, since I needed it asap. It has 3 settings, 80, 125, or 250. Fine with me. Thanks again!
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