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so i've been thinking, when you have like a proper comp car you have to make sure that the car and its parts (i.e windows) can handle all the bass, now i'm thinking alot of people either put their amps either on the back of the box or screw it onto the back of the seat wiv the sub directly facing it.

is either of these a good idea for the amp cos the vibrations from the sub are bound to do some damage especially if the amps on the box

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the vibrations do not damage the amplifier, as a lot of people do it, theres no way you can stop the vibrations from getting to the amplifer, you can reduce it, but you would have to put it somewhere like under your seat, which is a bad idea due to heat. For you windows to break you would need like 5000W RMS or some really really old rusty car. To prevent as much vibrations to amp i suggest you mount the amplifer on the back on the subwoofer box, and in bettween is add some expanded poly styrene, it will stop a bit, but depending on the amplifier, if it has a fan on the back DO NOT DO THIS!.

Vibrations will not damage the amplifer, so do not be worried, all the vibrations might do is make wires come loose, or move the subwoofer box, so screw is down lastly amplifiers are built to withstand the subwoofer vibrations.

Dont be worried about it, read the manual it will tell you. If you are worried why not place the amplifer on the top ceiling in your boot. just be carefull its secure.

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use sound dampener

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yeh that makes sense that it would be designed to withstand the vibrations, hmm well i guess i'll just carry on with putting it on the back of the seat
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