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You heard me right folks. To celebrate the release of DC Audio Subwoofers I have tortured Rusty in allowing me to set up a groupbuy for DC Audio subs. This is a great oopertunity to get in on some great subs for a even better price. The group buy will run from July 1st until August 1st. Unfortunately this is for only Level 3 and 4 subs only. Please contact my email at for ordering information.

Pricing will be as follows

Level 3
10" 120.00
12" 130.00
15" 140.00

Level 4
10" 180.00
12" 190.00
15" 210.00
18" 250.00

All Prices you need to add shipping.

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Can you give me more info on the subs? Are they SQ,SQL,SPL? Can we get the full specs of them? I cant find anything on them. Also how many people need to make a buy for the group buy to go happen?

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I would probaly like to try something out. But my hands are already full. Well I have till august 1st.

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berny i bet 8 of those level 3 12s in your ride will sound awesome. :-)

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For those wanting info on the subs.

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i was thinking of an 18" Fi.SSD how would the Level 4 18" compare. looks pretty sweet.

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Team DC... I'm not in the market right now but for others, and for my own knowledge, can you give a breif review on each level. Please include the sound it has, how loud its made to be, its ability to hit the lows and its ability to extend to the higher bass frequencies. What kind of enclosure its best in and how ported and sealed compare. I'm sure this could greatly help potential customers choose your product. Thanks in advance and the woofers look great!

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yes i would like a quick review. how new is DC? has anyone used them? Power handleing, can level 4 subs handle more then 1000wrms? Will they still get loud at 750wrms? How much is shipping looking like?

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On my computer I have to highlight the spec. Isn't that some sh!t

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Does anybody else have to to that or is it just me? BS

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nope everything is good on my computer

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guess its just you joey
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