Are RE sub as good as DD subs? i wanna hear all opinions;)


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i was jsut wandering are RE subs as good as DD subs cuz i wanna buye either anRE sub or an DD sub are these good choices?

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Depends on which models you are comparing but in general DD > RE.

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x2 but they are both good subs, you'd be happy with either

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in general, they belong to a high level when talking about subs.

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I love my RE8', but yeah, DD is better

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Depends on the model of the subs.

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yeah there is a lot of things to take into affect, hw much power your using, the space you have, how much you re willing to spend, pure spl, sql sq? its hard to say, but i play it like this
06 re xxx > 9500 series
re mt< dd 9900
re sx = dd 3500 series
not sure how the 05 AND BELOW COMPARE TO THE 9500 SERIES
re has more to offer but we all know dd makes damn good woofers. i have seen the dd 9900 series take 10k free air i think it was 10k but the frame crack and the sub kept going. but a lot to consider

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i would agree with hunter
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