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I wanna get a flashy black paint job for my suv but i want it done right where should i go i Livei n green bay wisconsin and there really isn't alot of places her i do know someone who has a degree doing it but is it no that hard as to if we had a paint booth and me and him could knock it out in like a week?

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Just remember that black is very hard color to spray. It will show ANY inperfections in the prep work underneath. It is also very prone to swirls and orange peel. Not the greatest choice for your first job, I say get someone who really knows what they are doing to help you.

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also if u want a really killer job u need to color sand, it's how show rides get such a pristine shine. deff go with experience unless ur shooting a primer cause u gotta have the right equip no how to spray a certain inch from the body plus over lay properlt also have to use a top loader gun a good air sysstem and evaperator. i say take it to a really reputal place ask for some examples of thier work if your worried see if they have sanything u can look at. and a week is a bit of a joke unless ur diassembling everything. u can knock it out in a day max if u know what your doing. day and a half if ur shootin from the hip. ur main down fall paints not cheap.

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everything stated is correct.
the bodywork and paint for my car ran about $15,000 to get it right. That's bodyword and prep, primer, pearl paint, clear, and wet sanding, buffing, etc.

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check this

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