02 Grand Am install help needed!


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A friend of mine just bought a Pioneer 3900 for her car that she got just. It happens to be an 02 Grand Am. I bought the chime harness and got all the wires connected and tested the unit when it was out of the dash still. It worked perfectly. Then after I got it into the dash it stopped working for some reason or another. The fuse labeled "Radio Amp" in her fusebox under her steering wheel is fine and gets power. I put her cd player in my car last night and it worked fine again.

What it comes down to is there's no power to the red or yellow wires which leads me to think it's a fuse. If anyone knows of a fuse under the hood that I could check that'd be great. Otherwise I'm open for any suggestions, thanks.

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in the fuse box there is probably a fuse labeled room, its probably that. if not just check all the fuses.

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the under dash on the sunfire i worked on was tight and when i put th e hu in it move the plug, and caused my hu to not work see i think u might have to run a seperate postive lead i had to do in in the sunfire but there was no door chime. try checking to see if u have to do the same if u do theres a good lead in the heater control knob box. i hope this helps

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im having the exact same problem with my grand am, chimes worked, then i pushed it back into place, and the GMOS-04 shorted out, i dont give a hoot about the chimes, i just need to wire the radio ACC wire to the cars ACC wire, but im not sure where this is located, its a time out system for the radio, radio shuts off when the door is opened after the key is removed

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for the sunfire i used a metra adapter ran my wires, keep in mind the sunfire had no door chimes but the time out function. see the after market won't be able to utilize that function. the problem with chimes is u need a special adapter cause as messed up as this seems i read that it messes with the ecu u if u hot wire without a chime adapter. i ran my stuff like this. remember it had no chimes. i ran a metra adapter then the pioneer metra adapter and wired my positive power away from the harness. cause gm does not allow for the positive to be ran off the stock harness like the oem radio. ur best bet check if u have a chime setup that needs a adapter, a typical adapter is very pricey and requires a box type unit for a door in chimes setup. btw nathan easy way to find out try to find a orange, yellow, or purple depending on the year cause it's diff i havent been into the sunfire in a few months now being it was my exes. but yea find a wire like that then get a digital multimeter. turn the ignition on u should see 12 volts turn it off u should see nothing , thats how acc works. very simple stuff. just use meter u'll be jammin in no time.

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one more thing, the try boxes for hu's are very sharp make sure u didn't cut a wire causing your short. u should be able to replace afuse and chimes should be good again.
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