Does Polyfil really help?


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Ok iv heard that adding polyfil to your box helps deaden it and trick the sub into thinking it has more airspace. This dont make sense to me considering that if you add that stuff to the inside, it will take up airspace.

Also if it does, how to you put it in? adhere it to the inside of the walls of the box or just stuff it in?

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It slows down the waves is all I'm completely sure about. I'm guessing that makes them take longer to get to the other sides of the box so it makes the sub act like it's in a bigger box but I'm not really sure. I think you can just stuff it in to a sealed enclosure, maybe keeping it a little bit away from the sub, but in a ported enclosure you have to staple it down to stop it from blowing out. You could probably use netting or something to hold it down too.

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It slows down the sound waves and therefore makes the box seem slightly larger than it is. You don't need it if your box is built to your subs specs though, which it should be......

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I've used it in some of my boxes. It does make it sound better most of the time. You can always try some and remove it if you don't like it. The specs on my subs say to staple 1" of polyfil to the box walls. Not really sure if I should do that or not though.

Here is a little more info. ces/fiberfill/

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It not only slows them but it also breaks up standing waves so the bass will sound cleaner. I personally would use it in a sealed enclosure. Try it without then try it with, will need a lot of it..Polo..

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Can also be used in boxes improperly built to correct volume. Poly works. Foam as well. I've used carpet padding with great success. Easily attached and secured with only staples. Cheap too. Stay away from fiberglass insulation. The fibers aren't safe when expelled from the box.

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thanks paul always lookin for other alternatives carpet padding nice to know it works
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