Back again with good news and bad


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I have finished my quest for my 4 Digital Designs 1508s' and got them all for less than $560 shipped, by two professional enthusiasts like myself. I finally found the guy (lilmaniac2, and Hybridamp) on the other forum and got 4 subs now with questions on box design, and power requirements. I am researching different slot ported boxes, and debating on powering all 4 with one amp, or powering each pair with an amp. Depending on the box design, I guess it would depend on how much power I could put to these little beasts. I was thinking 1500-2000 watts for all 4. I want to have an everyday driver, but be able to make your eardrums hurt when I turn it up, so I have a task ahead. I guess to sum it up the good news is I got my subs. The bad news is I can't install them yet without a proper design, and proper power requirements, to hit my goal of over 150dB. Any info would help greatly, thanks.

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hmmm..... 4 8s hittn 150 daily...... sounds like a hard quest... I mean its possible for 4 8s to do that i guess, but i dont think they'll sound good daily. to get those numbers itll prolly b burpin em at a really high tone.

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x2... go with a solid daily box and a strictly SPL box... if you do that then it's possible... for the burp youll need more than 2000 watts... and you have a chance of blowin your subs

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what vehicle?

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Do some research 150 is a high number.

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Put them in a 3.5-4 cube net box tuned to 40 hz. Burp with 3500-4000 watts with no clip. We have the same set-up in the DD demo truck. It sounds very good and depending on your install will get you 150db.

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people have broke 150 with 2 of those so 4 you could do it in the right install.
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