DEH-7800MP...good or bad


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redoing my system and looking for a hu. i'm really leaning towards this one, but just HOW good is it?

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it's pioneer so you know it's good. but that is just the regular pioneer right, not the premier?

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not much of a difference, their the same but the premier has extended warranty

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Premier has higher voltage RCA's and I believe has an extra set as well! There is a big difference between Pioneer and Pioneer PREMIER. Reg Pioneer is 2.5 volt and PREMIER is 6.5v. I would be careful what internet site you get your info/specs from... JMO

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Not sure where Sinful is getting his information but Usaka is right. The only tangible difference between the 7800 and the 780 (premier version) is the extra year warranty. Go to and look both decks up for yourself. The two units have th same number of preouts (3) and the samve voltage (5V). In years past the standard and Premier versions of the same deck used to be different, much like Sinful was saying, but in this case the two are very similar. It's been said that Pioneer uses "higher quality parts" for the Premier versions but I've never really seen or heard anything to prove that theory.
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