Is this amp any good?


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Some kid jus came thru my jon he had 3 12" L5s on a 4000 watt 2 channel amp da brand was american legacy series... is that amp any good is it givin 4000 watts bcuz he said tht thy have em on ebay for 150 dollars and thts sounds crazy?? But his system was LOUDDDD... he has 3 caps and he says his lights dnt dim at all but you guys say caps dnt wrk if not upgraded alt and he has a stock charging system...

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Thats the amp.@ a total of 900wrms He is under powering those. Sh!t my two 15" atlas off 800wrms get LOUDDDD and looow too. oh yeah and did i mention they also sound great doing it.

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That combo sounds like it'll blow soon.

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i had an american legacy and it caught fire once i fixed it and it didnt it again total of about 4-5 fires off that b1tch duno why i kept doin it just didnt have another amp atm

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^^^ that's what i was thinking will happen!

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Legacy = complete crap

Like "super mario" said that amp is rated for 900 watts and probably doesn't even do that much. And if ya think 2 L5s on 900 watts is loud, then man you really need to hear a real system.......
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