Need help getting CD out of player



I have an Alpine CDA7863 in my truck that I would appreciate some help with. For the second time in six months it has a disc stuck in it - pressing the eject button works the face open like normal, but the CD just doesn't come out.

I'd really like to fix this myself, as it cost forty bucks last time for thirty seconds of work the car audio store wouldn't let me see. Can anyone tell me how I can get the CD out myself?

first, take the cd player out of the truck, set it on the blacktop, and smash the hell out of it with a hammer

glad to help

I have heard of Alpines doing this before.. I have the 7893 and it has gotten confused like that once (only one time since I had it)... It wouldnt take anymore CD's, it thought one was already in side... I bet you what they did was press the tiny reset button with a pen or pencil. Usually the reset button can be found on the faceplate,or behind it sometimes.. its a really small cirle that you have to use a pencil to press it with. Its sick that they charge you 40 bucks but wouldnt show you what they did.. They played you. Let me know if this works.
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