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well i wanna get window tint for my car cause i was lookin at rims but never mind on that i dont wanna spend that much on my car. SOOOOO im just gonna prob keep it simple by putting tint on and new headlights and tailights. Is window tint expensive and is it hard to install.

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It's pretty cheap, but don't do it yourself. Get a professional to do it...it's worth it.

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Yeah ive only heard of a few people liking self installed tint. and they all are either mechanics or work at install shops. Cost is based on how dark you want it, and the type of vehicle.

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cost is based on your vehicle. it isnt different by how dark you want it. It's about 15-20 bucks to do 2 windows (if you do it yourself) and 200-300 for the whole car if somone does it for you.

I would honestly suggest doing it yourself, getting it to look good and then doing it for your friends to make some extra money. I charge 80 bucks for 2 windows and can get them done in about 30 mins and it costs me 20 bucks in materials. It's worth it, IMO, to learn it yourself

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Look around it all depends on what kind of car you drive. I paid 125 buck for my truck. Well it turn out to be 250 for double 5%. If you really dont want to spend lots of money in your car you should do it your self.

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we need a window tint skickey. this topic comes up multiple times a week...
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