Holy check this out


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y would the military want this

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Weapon of Bass Destruction
When it comes to rappers and celebrities, most shops will turn the dial up to ten to make sure their customers have the loudest system on the road.

But if the military comes knocking, they don't want it to go to ten, they want 11 or 12. So when the guys at Danley Sound Labs got a request from the boys in uniform to create a portable weapon of bass destruction, they went all out. Dubbed the Matterhorn, the result is one of the biggest commercially available subwoofers ever created. Housed in this shipping container are 40 drivers'"apparently MTX 9500s'"and 40 burly 1000 watt amplifiers to feed the beast power. Yikes.

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i have 2 of those i my car

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Well the government knows that boomin punks annoy everyone sooo why not use that against terrorists in a hostage situation. This is exactly what it is for , remember what happened in Waco? That is quite impressive but several years back a private company was trying to break the land speed record but had a hard time splitting the sound barrier. What they used, i think was a huge 18" subwoofer to disrupt the sound envelope in front of it and alowed it to slip in and break the sound barrier. So if you look back when they broke the land/speed record by going faster than the speed of sound that is how they did it. Government is working on a lot of sound projects, weapons of the future, use of non-deadly force! Polo.. :-O

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Cool! I hadn't seen this one yet. I have been using his ServoDrive subs for years. You haven't heard true low frequency impact and extension until you witness a BassTech7 in person.

An array of 12 BT7's registered a 72.8 dB SPL reading @ 5620 meters (3 1/2 miles)

When U2 played the Tweeter Center (now the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre) in Chicago with their BT7 touring rig, police received multiple "bass complaints" from more than 5 miles away.

Tom Danley is the Godfather of low frequency SPL.

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wow ^^^^ that is carzy lol
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