Speaker cancellation?


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I just installed 4 new speakers in my car 2 6.5 up front and 6*9's in the back. When I set the balance to either side it sounds like there is alot more deeper bass with just the right or left speakers playing. When I set the balance in the middle it doesn't sound as deep and I can hardly hear the deeper bass. Is something hooked up wrong or causing cancellation. Maybe the positives and negatives mixed up?

It means they are out of phase.(positives and negatives mixed up) The technical way that it throws it off is when one speaker is moving forward, the other is moving backward, effectively taking away the sound pressure level, and throwing the timing of the speakers and causing them to interfere w/ each other instead of complimenting. Just check the wires and reverse whichever one (or ones) are wrong.

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Should I turn the unit on and just go speaker by speaker and switch the wires from negative to positive until it sounds right?

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If it is a factory deck this will be harder, and I don't have any good suggestions other than just playing with it. If you do have a wiring diagram, or it is an after market deck, pull out the deck and see what color wires are tied into were. Be sure to double check this. It might help to take a pen and paper and write down what color wire on the deck hooks to the positive and negative for each speaker. Once you do this pull the speakers out and make sure the color of the wire on the positives and negatives of each speaker match what the deck has them set at. Here is an example since I am not having much luck explaining.

head unit

front right
dark green = positive
light green = negative
back right
dark brown = positive
light brown = negative

If you pull out the front right speaker and the light green wire is hooked to the wire terminal
with the + sign then it is wrong, and needs you love and care. One thing to keep in mind, a lot of radios use the same color wires for each side. Normally if this is the case, one of the wires will have a black stripe down it. That wire is normally going to be your positive. If you have any other questions I will check back with this post and try to help more if I can.
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