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Hi people,

I'm totally new to the car audio world but am eager to add stuff.

I've successfully fitted a new head unit, door speakers and a set of 6x9's but I wish to add an amp and sub to beef things up a little.

I've been reading up on installing amps on the net but I'm a little unclear about now to wire them up (needless to say I haven't brought one yet so have no manuals to go on).

I've read that people attached them to the auto-antenna to power them on; Is this the only power source or just a "turn me on" instruction type thing. I also read that people wire them straight to the battery (with an in-line fuse)? This sounds scary!

As you can see I'm all a little confused and don't want to break anything.

Any help would be great (pics could be helpful too) and sorry if this has been asked a thousand times.

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here's how it works.
get an amp wiring kit with the right size cable, which will correspond to the amount of current the amp will draw.
when you pick an amp, it will tell you the gauge wire to use, or I can tell you.

the main power cable will go directly from the amplifier, through the car's firewall, to the positive terminal of the car battery, with an in-line fuse holder, usually about 18-24" from the battery.
ground the amplifier to bare metal within 24" of the amplifier for a good chassis ground.
run your RCA cables, and a smaller, usually ~18gauge wire from the amplifier to the head unit.
connect the RCA cables to the head unit pre-outs, and the sub amp's inputs.
connect the 18ga wire you ran to the amplifier's remote connection (labeled REM usually) and at the head unit, connect this wire to the (REM) wire of the new head unit's wiring harness IF you have a "remote trigger" offered with that radio. If not, you will use the "PWR ANT" power antenna wire.
both are usually either blue, or blue/white trace.
this wire tells the amplifier to turn on, when the radio/CD is on, and sending a low current 12V signal to the amp.

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hi folks,can anyone help me??!! ive just installed a boss 4 channel amp.ive bridged the channels so the full 1000watts are driving the sub.my problem is that the amp gets extremley hot and now the big 60amp fuse has blown! ive checked all the wiring and its as per intructions in the manual.can anyone tell me why its blown and how to solve the problem??

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a 1000 watt RMS amp will draw about 115A of current at full output of it's class-D
more than that if its class AB.
60A would be too small of a fuse.

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Thanks for guiding me in the right direction people, I'll be back with more questions soon.
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