System selling price???


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What should i sell this for? 2 12 inch volfenhag subs with a 250 watt hifonics amp and a bandpass box. used and is loudest at my school and out pounds L7's

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$200 for it all

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El reno, Ok

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ill keep it if thats all ill get out of it.

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Yeah I have a room full of stuff that wouldn't sell as well. Good luck with that man. You might sell the amp tho.

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Volf sucks, thats why so cheap

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sell it to a kid at your school for like 600 bucks, but most likely no one on this site is going to buy your subs no matter what price theyre at, no offense, but volfenhags have to be in the top 3 most hated subs on this forum

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yeah volfenhags suck balls. they are almost hated more than audiobahn. and thats way down there in the list.

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ummm audiobahns are much better than VOLFS for the love of god... at least audiobahn makes loud speakers... the volfs suck and sound like sh!t... this kid obviously thinks they're the sh!t too... haha outpounds L7... the kid with the L7 should be ashamed...

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cal has the right idea, sell them locally.
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