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OK...I am in the middle of an install for my roomates 1991 Lincoln Town Car. I have it grounded and the RCAs run. The remote turn on shouldn't be a problem, I just haven't done it yet. Anyway, I can't get the power run. It needs to be run down the passenger side, but I can't find anything to go thru. I am at college and don't have access to anything but extremely basic tools (no drill or anything). I can't even find a boot to go through. Can anyone help me out? Should I tell him to just go to BB and pay them $10 to drill a hole thru the firewall? Thanks guys!

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Looks like thats your only option.

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Well I hope not...anyone have any other ideas?

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look in the driver side. usually there are openings there.

run the rca's down the passenger side and the power down the driver side.

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The problem is that it is a huge car and there will not be enough wire to run it from passenger front, thru the engine bay, and down the driver side. I will try if that is neccesary, but I would like to keep it on the passenger

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Sounds like the only option then is to have a hole drilled.

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Ya know, ive seen it 8 million time said....but i just cant agree that this is a MUST.

I can dam near braid my RCA's and power wire together, front to back, and leave all 10lbs of extra power wire, speaker wire, and 4 rcas in a tangled heap under the rear seat of an SUV.....and not have one noise.

Not sure what ppl are or arent doing, never could figure it out, but its an issue i have never had in lord knows how many installs.

I dont use junk RCA's, i dont leave breaks in shielding, and i dont have connectors to extend runs. I dont use grounds that have other items on it or by it.

I DO double grounds front and back to the same rail, and i do use common groundpoints that show .1 or less drop front a reading up front (pos to neg) to a reading in back (pos wire to prospective ground point).

I dunno, just lucky i guess.

Drill a hole, add a .99c grommet from AutoZone, wire it, seal it, and carry on. *shrugs*

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^Lol.I run my 0 gauge power and RCAs in the same exact wire loom all cuddled up in there together as well and I don't have any problem with noise what so ever.

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It only happens with extremely cheap RCA's that are "unshielded". People mention this because nobody states the quality of their wires. Plus after purchasing equipment lots of people will go the cheap route on the little stuff. I run mine down whatever side isa easier no matter which side what is on. I always run my power wire down whatever side the batt. is on so to keep power wire as short as possible. I do this so wire can handle more amps and deliver as much of the voltage as possible with minimum loss. JMO

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I just hate to have to pay money to have a damn hole drilled. I have no access to anything here so I have no choice

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I ran my power wire under my car. No noise at all.

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ben, email me and we could arrange for u to borrow one of my drills or something.
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