What do I do with my front and rear channells


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Hello all, i have a 4 channell amp. Two ports are fro front and two are for rear. which do i hook my subs up too for now. I will be getting a two channel eventually but in the meantime what is the right way to do it?

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What is the impedance of each channel on the amp? if you have a 4 speaker system and each speaker is 4 ohm if your amp is rated at 4 ohms a channel, use the two front channells for you speakers for every 2 speakers wire them in parallel that will leave them at 8 ohms to play it safe. Connect you subs to the rear and if it has a built in crossover put it on lowpass.

It all depends on the subs. If they're 4 ohm, I would recommend just running one with the back channel bridged for the time being, if the DVC 4 ohm, bridge the amp, wire each sub in SERIES, and run them that way. If they're 8 ohm, wire them both with the amp bridged, etc. Do a google search for a subwoofer wiring diagram, then match your subs to it to create a 4 ohm load.
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