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I have a truck.. which has one of those sliding windows in the back. Of course..stupid me forgot to close it last night and it had to rain this morning. Not a lot of rain actually got into my truck but enough did to make a lot of stuff a little damp. My problem is that my amp also got wet. Not the whole thing just only right where all my wires are at(thats where the window was.) Now my queston is what should i do? i already took out all of the fuses including the big fuse by the battery. I would take the amp out and try to dry it but i dont have time. I have to be at school in a while. So besides the fuses is there anything else i should unplug or take off?

Billy Bob
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Try leaving everything off for a couple of days so it can dry then I think it should be ok.

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I agree with Billy, most companies design their products to withstand a little moisture. I'm sure companies test their products to the max in compliance to real life situations.

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same thing happend to me, except my old car had a leak in the trunk..rained hard..and my boss amp got soaked..

now i didnt know it got wet so i went to turn on my system and everything sounded funny...when i found out the amp got wet, i took everything out my trunk, let it dry, found some new carpet for the trunk put it in...and took the cover off the amp and let it dry for a few days..

i didnt know if it would work...but when i hooked everything back it, boom...everything was working fine..

just goes to show you that boss makes outstanding amps..

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lol james must be a boss salesman!

i think so too cause that is all he talks about is JUNK.

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about how long should i wait before i hook everyhting back up? its been about 2 days now...

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I would open the cover and wait another 3 days...
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