Anyone use ipod fm transmitters


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anyone use the ipod fm transmitters for their cars, i hear alot of them suck. any ones your reccommend for my brother, hopefully under $80. thanks

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Mu HU has a AUX input. That's what I use for my iPod. I have heard the FM transmitters. They are good, if you like the sound of the radio. It is less qulaility than playing it directly from your ipod into the HU using an AUX input. I'm not really sure where you can get one. Try a powerseller from ebay or crutchfield (expensive but great customer service)

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I've used one from IRiver?I've also used the Monster cable one and I didn't notice any difference in the quality,both had equally staticy sound.That being said get one for 40 bucks if you really want one.

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well its for my brothers bday present and he doesn't want to touch his stock system(srt-4) so this transmitter thing is the only way.

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I got a Belkin one off eBay for like $25. Works pretty great besides the mentioned fact of static.

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i had the belkin and i had the othere one i tried them all i even had cassette ones finally i got the pioneer 780 and bought the Pioneer CDIB100II and it sounds crystal clear the best one tho was Belkin

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Yeah, they're ok, but so many aftermarket stereos have aux inputs, they only ARE viable for stock systems like your brother has. It would be a good present, doubtless.

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Buy an fm MODULATOR the only difference is it will have a cord instead of wireless and he won't have to touch his stock system. All you do is pull out your stock radio and plug it in and run the wire to whereever you want. It will give you ipod capabilities with no static whatsoever and cheaper too.

They have one for like 25$ shipped I think.
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