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ok what does it exactly mean by tuning like say i got a box tuned to 34hz and i have another boxed tuned to 48hz which would get louder and this is for 2 12" kicker l7's i keep hearing diff things from my friends so i wanted to ask on here. I hear that if i want really really low bass but chancing to blow tune it lower but if i want really loud bass that can hit the highs nicely and also hit the lows pretty nice tune it higher? is this correct

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Higher is louder.
Lower will play lower, and sound better.

But, then again it is for L7s. I would go higher, ~38-44hz region.

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10hz tuning FTW

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box tuning is done by the dimensions of the ports you use.
tuning closer to the vehicle's resonany frequency (~55Hz usually) makes the box more efficient and thus louder, but audibly very boomy, and most people don't find this pleasant for music.
Tuning closer to the sub's Fs (usually ~25-32Hz) makes the box efficient at a lower frequency, which won't yield quite as loud a result, but it's far more "musical" and sounds much deeper, since the box characteristics for ported enclosures roll off steeply below the tuned frequency, so you won't ever hear anything below that point. You should have a subsonic filter set just below the tuned frequency anyway though, or at the same freq.
protects your sub from unloading.
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