Boss amps any good?


I am thinking of buying a boss r3000d amp. normally i am all audiobahn, but right now i am short on cash and the price of this amp is around $200. Anybudy own one? are they any good? how many and what value are the power fuses? I recently bought and installed 2 audiobahn 1206T Flame subs rated at 1100w RMS each, and an audiobahn amp big enough to deliver half of that would break my bank account. I appreciate any and all help. e mail me at

somebudy please help

boss sucks they dont rate there watts at rms they use peak so they might ssay it puts out 1000 x1 but its really about 100 rms so no

anybody actually own one?

i dont own one (and boy am i glad)-i almost got suckered into buying on at a carwash out of the trunk of a black mans car(i bet it was all stolen he had like a million, but i have heard one they definately suck a$$ and i definately recommend ANY NAME BRAND over that CRAP and make sure you go by the RMS or true watts not MAX,PEAK etc....
Rockford, Audiobahn, Planet audio, kicker, are some examples of good amps off the top of my head

i have a boss R-3000D. And let me tell you. It kicks butt. I have it hooked up to two alpine type r 10 inch subs. The bass is clean, tight, and accurate. Im a total audiophile and i can tell you that this amp is the best band for you buck. It may be a little rough around the edges but overall you cant buy another amp with that high of a THD and rms wattage around. It's like a corvette Z06. Brutal, fast, and handles like a champ. However some people like to spend twice as much and get a NSX will go the same speeds but cost twice as much. So its a good amp in my opinion, i myself used to own an audiobahn alum12 hooked up to a sony amp. This set up is bomb
. All my friends like my set up due to the clean loud bass.

i have a rev-765, and yea, it will tell you 500x2 on the box, but when you check the RMS watts, its not nearly that. But for the price, i think i got a pretty good deal

Jim M.
I have a Boss Rev-535. I bought it at a show along with a box with two American Pro 15'' subs. It pushed them pretty well. I sold the speakers to a friend of mine and he hooked up an Sony Xplode Xm-2165GTX. My Boss says 800 watts peak and the Sony says 1000 watts peak. The Sony drives them but it does not do as well as the Boss. The bass is destored and not nearly as clear as my Boss amp. I now have 10'' MTX subs in a closed box and went out and bought an MTX Thunder 342 Amp for them. I have since hooked up the old junky Boss again. Both hit well BUT the MTX is heating up and shuting off. So, all I can say is that I am not a big Boss fan BUT, it is better than the Sony Xplode and the MTX. Which both are suposed to be better. I paid $89.95 for the Boss. The Sony was $159.95 and the MTX was $ 210.95 ...

how many amp inline fuse would a 2000 watt powerdrive boss amp need, and are boss amps any good?

I dont have Boss amps but i had 4 internal speakers 6 1/2s .. they were supposed to be 180 watts but yea right.. they sounded like $hit and i will never , ever buy anything that is made by Boss they just suck.

john j
i got a boss c-700 rated at 1200 x 2 max, i was trying to wire them up to my new audiobahn 12" flames, i got it all set up, everything wired, and the amp wouldnt even turn on, if anyone can help and tell me why it wont turn on i'd appreciate it, cuz its not the fuses, and not any of the connections cuz i've checked them all....any help would be great


boss amps will drive friend has a boss 2000 watt monoblock on two audiobahn 15's and the bass is unreal...his back glass is about to blow...

they may rate in max power, but they give huge bang for the buck...

i have a rip-495 on 2 audiobahn 10's and they can out do my friends kicker 12's with a xplode 760 watt
say what u will, but i like boss

ummm, u kno why urs can get louder? because sony is worse than boss for amps, sony's car audio is complete crap. as is boss's.

Derek I.
btw ur amp is putting out about 300 watts(rip 495)

uhhhhh Jim, the lower the THD the better man, lol, sayin it has a real high thd is makin the amp look horrible(it is horrible either way)

so you can get the boss "3000" watt whatever for 200 bucks thats putting out about 500 watts really, or you can spend the same amount of money on the JBL 600.1 amp that is putting out about 700 watts RMS. which one would you choose?

I have the pd-4000 boss amp, it puts out 3000 RMS at 1 ohm. i have it pushing two 15" woofers,
Im the loudest car in the city, competed with a guy with six 15" took him like a can buy the pd-4000 for 350 dollars or so...if you don't belive me, go to and call the 1800 number they have on the site, and ask for someone in tech support, and ask them about the rms of this amp, ir really puts out 3000RMS

OH MY GOD! This is the first time I have even seen ANYONE actually say BOSS AUDIO is good. If someone said to me they would give me a full Boss Audio setup for my car or a AM clock radio from 1979, I would take the AM clock radio cos it would sound better and hey it has worked since 1979 and is still working a Boss amp may last you 2 weeks if your lucky! Get a real amp even if you have to save 5 years to get it. Get an Audison, Alphasonik, Xtant even get a Sony if you have to!!! As for sony being worse than Boss, hey I know absolutely everything in the XPLOD range sucks but to go as far as saying that Boss is better?? COME ON!! WAKE UP!!

Ha Ha!
Boss pfffft
Sony pfffft
get decent gear!
i can't believe people are stupid enough to say boss is good and that sony is worse. they both suck a$$ but sony is better than boss.
so much for that guy above being an audiophile! What a JOKE!!!

lol, well guys I have to tell you...

I got a Sony Amp pushing 2x 175 watts rms and 1x 500 watts for a 12" sub. and i am using this stuff for now almost 5 years, and it working just fine.

If i want to listen to MUCH louder music then i simply goto a club.

But anyways its hard enough for me in my car, and people can hear me coming from 2 blocks away so i am very pleased with my sony stuff.

also 2 jbl's at 250 watts rms in the back.

Oh one more thing....

A friend of my has a BoSS havoc rev-765 amp.

Now when he puts in a 30 amperes fuse and turn up the volume it burns the fuse.

Anyone knows how much amperes fuse he should use for that amp?

what fuse did it come with? the only fuse you should use in the amp is the same one it came with, it was made that way for a reason. well if u have been using it for five years, i can understand, sony's older stuff is decent, but their new stuff is complete junk.

and btw, the reason i want loud music in private is just that, privacy, usually when im in my car, the point is not to see how many people can hear me coming, it is to enjoy the music for myself. this is not the case for many people, but i can say it is for me. if i wanted to be loud, all i'd have to do is roll down my windows, but sound deadener increases SPL and takes away rattling as well. its the way to go.

i had a boss 535 with 2 mtx 6000 subs 10's and it sucked unless you bridged them then it would sound alright then after a while it would blow the amp
because it cant handle it
then i hooked up two kicker comp vr with them then they sounded good but i only had it like that for like a day or two
so i dont know how long the amp would last
i have had the amp for like a year and had maybe about a month of playing on it because it blew three or 4 times and it was in the shop most of the time lol.

Intennzz....your buddy prob has a 2 ohm load on
a 4 ohm stable amp!!!!!!!!!that equals overloaded power supply in the amp=blown fuses!!!

geeze...out of all these...none of you are even considering at what ohm load the is the amp stable to?????!!!

all you can talk about is WATTS this and watts that!!!

Boss as well as all the other "inexpesive Products" Granted its cheap quality, but its for the people who are getting started...havent got big bucks but want to get in door...Ive been in the industry for nearly 20 years.....and just about everyone who is anyone will upgrade their equipment to some better quality equipment someday......they gotta start somewhere!!!!!!!!

i agree anonymous. inexpensive brands are ok for people who are new to car audio. what's the point of getting all the high end equipment if you're just a newbie and not really serious about it. the biggest mistake people make is judging products by their peak power. people come into my store all the time and look at legacy and pyramid stuff. they usually say, "wow. for only $100 i can buy this 1000 watt amp." what they don't realize is that it only puts out 200 watts rms. well...i can't complain because if it weren't for them, we wouldn't make money. :)

hey, i have a boss 2000 watt amp pushing 2-12 inch audiobahns. now this system kicks a$$!!! i paid 75 for the amp and its well worth it. i had a lanzar 1000 watt before i got this amp and it is not nearly close to wut the boss is putting out. if u want a clear bass with out the price, then go with boss. if u have any questions about boss amps, feel free to email me at

michael palmer
i have an old 400 watt boss amp. i have it pushing two boss 12's. i have it bridged down as low as it'll go and it hits VERY hard! it overheats quickly, and doesnt deliver as much power as id like, but i paid $175 for the whole system and havent regreted it.

ps: ive had this setup for 6 years, and its outlasted 3 cars and 2 head units.

Eric Perez
I got a Boss roit 1600 watt amp and thats shyt bangs the shyt out my one JL audio 12' W6v2 i hit 141.4 db at a MECA bass comp and my amp wasnt all the way up. Boss has really good amps your your money. but i still wish i could get a JL amp.

xtant rules

chad hall
i have 2 audiobahn 1500 watts max,800 rms subs. i want to know if a boss 4000 watt amp will push the 15's well.

why would you have nice audiobahn subs and then get a crappy boss amp? get an audiobahn amp. it will pound those subs nicely. by the way, that boss does not put out 4,000 watts. look at the rms ratings. peak power is bullshiznit.

I have a kenwood 746 and a mono channel in the same series which runs a rock ford sub. my problem is I have two subs in one box and need an amp that can push both of them competition style, the one I have keeps cutting off when I connect both of them so I only run one. What is the best amp in the market??? price is not an issue but try and get me something reasonable.
Does anyone know where I can get the kenwood 1023 amp?? and a pioneer 6500 equalizer?? Help me out!!!

I am thinking about buyin a r3000d for 2 15'in. jensens. I don't know if it will push them. I need some help from some more experienced people.

mann i dont know why yall all sayin boss sucks.... i have owned 3... one drove a alpine type r 15 - very well ..... and one drove 2 alpine type r 12's - unreal... say what u will.... and another that pushed 2 10's .... just because they dont cost alot dont mean they arent good...... everyone i know who has one loves them so until you get one dont talk down on it.... by the way i have only bought the rip-695 1400watt max... pushed around 600x1 in briged.... says 1400 but its more like 6-700 ... works best with 2 speakers.... they are also VERY nice looking.... and for around 140 on ebay you CANNOT beat that...

boss will get the job done. but for audiophiles who are very particular about their sound, they'd rather spend the extra cash and get something with better quality. i prefer sound quality over spl. any amp can give you spl but its accuracy could be the worst you've ever heard. for people who don't have a very good ear for sound won't know the difference so it doesn't matter what they get. trust me, you won't win any competitions using boss. judges are very picky when it comes to sound.

J rod
Alright wtf, I have 2 15" Audiobahn 1300 RMS and I need an amp but I dunno which to buy...any reccomendations??

jl audio 1000/1. one amp per sub.

listen here idiots who hate boss, I'll admit some of the cheap amps they sell aren't good but i challenge you to find better amps than the RIPPER series or POWERDRIVE lines of amps. Take it from someone who used to laugh at BOSS myself until I got blown away at a competition by a dude running jbl subs off two pd-4000 boss amps. I'm now a boss believer.

Stephen Marquez
I own two AW-1206T's in a common chamber slot port box, powered by a Boss PD-4000. They bang like crazy. With the trunk open, you can feel the bass in the concrete under your feet, even at the front of the car! I have them bridged together at one ohm, they are probably gettin' something between 1000watts to 1200watts rms each. I think my sh!t bumps hella hard! The bass hurts my ears bad. Not the best sound quality, though. My sister and my girlfriend wont ride in my car, they hate it! Girls! Pretty damn good for what I paid!

OK, so I have read through most of your posts and have a question to ask everyone. I am going to buy 2 audiobahn AW1205Q (12" 2ohm dual voice coil subs) that will need a total of 2000 watts total. I don't want to spend 1,000 dollars on a new amp. I could handle spending up to 500. What do I do? Should i get 2 smaller amps, or one huge kick but amp?

I Got two Audiobahn aw1251T (12inches, 800W max and 400RMS,dual 4 ohm)which boss amp would i need?? do i need 2 or 4 ch????
I say boss because a friend of mine got one and it sounds great and hard for almost two years

OMG YOU FU**ING MORONS. I feal sorry for you freaks that HAVE to buy name brand s**t. First off,yes you get what you pay for. But BOSS is THE BEST bang for your buck around. I have 2 R3000D mono amps pushing 2 Poweracoustik MOFO-12's and im doin low 150's on the new IASCA mic's. As far as the ratings BOSS puts out,yes they do overstate the power output on the amp,but if you actually take a second or two and look on the website or in a manual they also give the RMS values @ 14 volts, REMEMBER THATS-@ 14 VOLTS. Unless you put in some Ohio generater alts or 50 farads of caps you will NEVER keep the voltage @ 14 volts when the bass hits. I tested the R3000D @ 12.5 volts on a 1 ohm load and it put out over 1000 solid rms watts. For $200 dollars you cant go wrong. And by the way the HC and PD series high current amps are even better than the class D. So stop givin BOSS a bad rap and go ahead and waste your money on "name brand" s**t. In the mean time i'm gonna take the cash I saved and go buy some music,sticky icky,and booze and sit in my LOUD a** car and think about all you losers stuck in the name game.


almost everybody on this subject sounds like flea market/newspaper/thriftstore shoppers who think audiobahn,mtx,rf,just say everything ive seen on here is good want a good amp,buy a hifonics,they invented the car amp when everybody else was still on tv's and radios,and 8 tracks....for all of you socalled audiofiles....

Hifonics isnt exactly garbage but the company that owns hifonics also owns CRUNCH so it makes you think twice about it. Theres nothing special about hifonics either. There equiptment is along the lines as most other mid-quality stuff and you can find better equiptment for alot less $$$$$ .

I agree with Mexxx I have 2 pd4000 boss amps running on a 1 ohm load pushing 2 12"Audiobahn Flame Q subs in a homemade ported box and 2 Infinity Kappa 6x9's as well as some concert speakers.My subs can hold up to 1100 watts rms a piece and with my nice Alpine cd reciever I dont think there is anyone in Florida who has better street bass than me

hey i have a AUDIOBAHN ALUM12Q 12" sub and im short at budget for the amp. but im looking boss's amp but dont know if its good enough for my sub or not .any suggestion for me to get a good amp for my sub ? thx!!!!

boss sucks AZZ

If ur lookin for an amp to push 2 Alum12q subs first u have to know that these type of subs require a amp that is 1 ohm stable.I also have 2 alum12Qs and i was lookin for an amp that was 1 ohm stable alpine nope RF nope kicker nope so I turned to the boss PD4000 and man does it pound I would recommend it.The Viper amplifiers are also 1 ohm stable but be prepared to spend about 500-700 bucks.Matt amps are also good but if I were you I would gor for the boss amp the smaller ones suck yes but the PD4000 Slams.

here is the real deal, ready, that 3000d amp that started this whole thing is the exact, yes exact amp internally as a Tsunami gxa1000d. i know because i had both amps open at the same time, res for res, cap for cap, coil for coil, the only diff is the heatsink. now, as far as how much this really puts out rms?, i would tend to go w/tsunamis rating over boss', and so...1000w rms at 12 volts at 1 ohm. when the car is running the amp will then run w/about 14.4 volts and the amp puts out a little more. i agree w/all of you that boss is at best marginal, but for 200 where can you get a real 1000w? this (i hate sayin it) is a good amp. (btw, i run dd and mmats, 148.8db w/2 12s and one d200hc in a crown vic, amazing, digital design are great) you want the loudest system for the buck, buy 2 15" mofo's and two boss(or tsunami's) build the box at 3.4 cu.ft. per side ported w/2 4" 10"long.(6.8cubic feet and 4total ports, and try to use flared aero ports) those power akoustic mofo subs have dual 2 ohm coil's, paralelled that equals 1 ohm, one amp on each sub and you've got a 145db car for under 1000 bucks.

Under 1000 bucks is right. I purchased two 12" MOFO's off ebay shipped for $230 and two R3000D's for $360. Thats $590 for those who cant do the math. Not a bad price for stuff that did 152.6db on the NEW IASCA mics. I know people that spent three or four times that much money and cant break 150db. I think its time to rethink what names are really worth.

kevin scott barron
Tha ole sayin go's somthin like dis.............. ''anythang you can do I can do better,I can do anythang better than you! ya'll sound like a bunch of pre shool chrildren argueing over hotwheels being better than matchbox!then some waterhead fool unzips his neck .....out pops a johnny lightening!![pop go's tha weasle caus tha weasle go's POP!]if sombody ask for some advice,help them if you can.but dont dog out their sh** DOG!only a fool has to brag.think about that. P.S first one who shaters their back glass from S>P>L wins!!KEVO

Tha ole sayin go's somthin like dis.............. ''anythang you can do I can do better,I can do anythang better than you! ya'll sound like a bunch of pre shool chrildren argueing over hotwheels being better than matchbox!then some waterhead fool unzips his neck .....out pops a johnny lightening!![pop go's tha weasle caus tha weasle go's POP!]if sombody ask for some advice,help them if you can.but dont dog out their sh** DOG!only a fool has to brag.think about that. P.S first one who shaters their back glass from S>P>L wins!!KEVO

a message to the oreo cookie [anonomous tuesday Oct7/03]. the reason you are short on cash and looking for a cheaper amp is because you purchased what I call cromed crap [Audiobahn]!!I know of an amp that will punch the f*** out of your ''cromedcrap''subs.anything BOSS makes in the ripper series 2chanel.they are all 2ohm stable so you can run 2 /4ohm subs in paralell in bridged mode,will give you a 2ohm load and you will recieve the bass you are looking for at a cheap price provided you have the correct air space in your sealed enclosure. good luck! anymore questions,holla at me in this forum.

I have had good luck with boss sofar...
I have two 12" boss subs that are killer! I cant blow them at all. my 1st boss amp was a 600 peak watt amp. I got cheated on a boss 1100 watt amp for $250 that sounds the same as my 1st amp. I gave up on my two 12" boss subs and my 1100 watt boss amp. got a bazoka sub tube that sounds just as good if not better then my two boss 12's. Im looking for a good amp that can power my 300 watt
bazoka tube.... know of any good amps that kick azz? Im thinking of getting a zapco five channel 1500 watt.

Anonymous,try to stay away from any amp haveing more than two[2]channels if your main purpose is to have bass.two or less channels ,period!that zapco 5 channel[1500 watts]is 1500 watts devided by the math,then you will find out how weak that [zapco 1500 watt 5 channel amp] really is.don't get me wrong,that zapco amp will work,the draw back will leave you unsatisfied though.[YOU WILL STILL BE LOOKING FOR A AMP]if cheap is up your alley I recommend a BOSS Ripper 495.Brand new,under $100.00 bucks!Bridged,2ohm load and you will be very,very happy!!!GOOD LUCK! Anymore questions?HOLLA at me in this forum. BASSMAN

Here's an idea. Throw away the bazooka tube, sell the boss 12"s on ebay and buy somethin worth even putting an amp on. Newer boss amps rock though, just use your brain when buyin one and dont be fooled by the advertised PEAK power ratings. Can't wait to get my new PD-4000's in the mail!!

ok, here's the deal. My last setup was a jbl.600 mono amp and 2 jbl gt 12's. It was crazy, but my car was broken in and my system was stolen. I was looking around at different amps and came the boss riot R1400 mono amp. I loved my jbl, how does the boss measure up against it. If any one has one let me know

look people....i have a 12L5 solobaric running at 1 ohm (dvc 2 ohm in parallel) to a r1400d, the speaker cant hit any better with any other amp in its sealed enclosure (i am getting vented probox soon though).....the boss amp runs cool and slams....its THD is bout .5% at 1 that to a kicker mono amp at a THD of 1.5%.....

i have seen too many kicker and rockford amp heat up so much they can burn ya. even the little old kx402 i used to have on 2 8ohm Comps in parallel at 4 heated up unreal so does the rockford amps all my friends have.

anyway....i think the only reason people hate boss is because their too stupid to look at the RMS ratings...they are fooled by MAX crap.

the best advice anyone can give about ANY amp is to match it to the impedence load you are looking to push.

Ex: need an amp to push two 4 ohm solobaic 12s.....get an amp that can push at least 1200 watts RMS at 1 ohm.

in other words ....dont be least learn a little about OHM's Law.

First off you will never hear any THD of 5% or lower on a sub amp that is crossed over correctly. You shouldn't even be concerned with the THD of 99% of the sub amps on the market,you will never be able to tell the differance. As far as the R1400D goes you should gather a couple extra dollers and get the R3000D,it is well worth the small price differance.


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i've never owned a boss amp, but i've had many customers return their amps within a month because they blew. if you buy any amp, including boss, make sure they have a good warranty.

I'm sure you have, and i've seen more than a couple of audiobahn A1500HXC amps get blown also. Don't play the amp into clipping like an ignorant moron and make sure you have the correct load on it and you should't have any problems.

Obviously, It depends on how you hook up these Boss and Sony amps. It depends on the subs, the watts, even the model#, etc. So these people who are saying they suck, it's how you have it hooked. The ones who are saying it's good, it's how you hook it up. So no one can just say that either is bad or good PERIOD because it just depends on what you have and how it's hooked up.
Anyway, I need advice. I have 2 Kicker 12" and I'm about to get 2 sony Xplodes (900w and 1000w). I'm trying to fing out what is the best amp to get. I know I need one with a lot of what's but soso far the highest sony i have seen is 1200w. I saw a 300w Boss amp but I don't know if that's good. Can someone rate these in order from best to worst? Sony, Boss, MTX, JBL, Audiobahn. Also is is audio pro or dhd ggod amps. I've been learning some things about car audio from my boyfriend (yes, I'm a girl) but I like to see what other people think.

Oh also include Pyramid, Plye, Jensen, and Pioneer as part of the rating question.

Cheap and Crap - Pyramid
Cheat but little messy - Pyle,Jensen,Sony
Cheap but nice - BOSS
Little Expensive and nice - MTX,Pioneer
Little Expensive and Great - JBL,Audiobahn

Now You Gotta choose Pay A lot of bucks or not so much , The best or what you can effored.

I have a Boss PD4000 and IT Kicks a$$ for $299

Damn straight killa!!!!!!and I only paid 160 each for my PD-4000's.

Any body can help me make a subwoofer system for my pd-4000 ? I need two subs ... One Bass box .. and i have 2 kenwood 6 * 9. I need 2 subs and the best enclosure possible.... And the best 1 ohm stable subs.

By the way its on a Honda Civic 1991 Hatchback we are talking about ....

A Civic? Go get a new alternator first!

This is what I wanted to do. Have all Sony Xplode but some are saying it's not good and some says it is good. I will have sony and kickers but I just need to know what amp to get to puch my speakers. They are between 400w and 1000w each so I need a good amp with high wattage. Any suggestions. Also, I want to replace my door speakers but I'm looking at these 220w each (supposedly)sony speakers. Also, is MTX better than Sony, Kicker, Pioneer, or Audiobahn??

Yes,no,yes and maby.

Dr Dru

Mike Watts
I have a 87' Monte Carlo SS with 4 American Bass 12's($50.00 a piece) with a R2200D 2200 watt amp, and that sh** bang. I Shut everyone down at a Mike Jones Concert. So yes BOSS kicks a$$ ForReal.

i dont kno y u all say boss sucks because u r all wrong....i have one 12" power hx2 runing off the 3000 watt boss and tht shyt bangs like no other...some of my friends cant even sit in the car because they say it is hard to breathe..say wut u want but for the money boss is great...the boss audio is horrible id neva buy it but the amps are ok as long as u kno how to hook them up n tht u buy the right one.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha u guys crack me up givin all these good reviews about BOSS's "Dirty" amps.Why dont you try hookin that 12"power HX2 to a JL Audio Amp then tell me How good ur boss amp really Is hahahahahahaha.Face it boss Sucks I should know I used to have 2 Pd 3000 amps I and I switched to JL Audio Amps omg big azz Difference.

im not usually an advocate of boss, but you have to take into account that the JL amps cost probably 2-3 times as much as the boss amps do. a lot of people are looking for a cheap way to get good bass. some say it cant be done, others are patient enough to save money for nice equipment. either way, its all a matter of the choice you want to make.

exactly if i wanted to spend 3 times more then i did id get a jl audio amp...but all i needed was the boss...the sub i think is the biggest key n i have a bangin sub so i just wasnted somethin to power it....n my boss does so perfectly fine

What Do I Need To Power A PD4000 + a Power Acoustic MOFO 12" at 1 ohm stable ???? CAn Anybody Help ME PLease .... I Have A Honda Civic 1991 model ... someone said that i need a new alternator ... is there anything else or anything cheaper to do ????

SONY? What you meant to say was''BALONY''!!Excuse the FK out of me, but you can buy SONY and BALONY at your freindly neighborhood W-A-L-M-A-R-T!!!! LOL...LOL...LOL...LOL.....SONY SSSUUUXXXXXX!!!!

ummmm, im debating but that may have been one of the stupidest posts i've seen here. how old are you?

Hey maxkilla,be carefull with that setup.I blew one of my MOFO-12"s with that amp bridged mono.I dont think I over powered it,I think I distorted it to death.

Maxkilla the Boss Pd 4000 amp is a monster amp for power its 1500x2 @1 ohm.You dont need a new alternator just go to auto zone or disccount auto parts and buy An Optima battery and you should be fine.

The optima will just hide the problem (if one exists) and only for a short while.


rockford fosgate
yo im gettin a power hx2 it hits 2000 peak n i got the 3000d boss amp....wut ohm should i run it at 2 or 4

You should run it at 4 ohms.That way you will ret 4 times the power from the amp.Oh ya,dont forget to parallel the coils by connecting the + of one coil to the - of the other coil and then the other + to the other -.OK!!

Money Man what type of capacitor must i buy ???
Is This a good capacitor for me ? Kole Audio C3.0SD - 3.0 FARAD... And What type of battery is the best for my system ??? BTW 10x for your info i bought the 12" mofo and it kicks a$$ with my old battery 2 ... Now I must choose the battery ... :)

BOSS rules!

I got a BOSS 1200W RMS amp, it has 4 fuses in the side of it all at 25 amp each, this is because the amp is so powerfull and a shity 30 amp fuse wouldnt cut it. I got 2 BOSS 600W 12" subs hooked up to this amp , and let me tell you if you think BOSS sucks you suck twice as much, I can hear it from exactly 3 blocks away when its cranked up to its max and the bass is SO clear and very kicky. If you want a new amp buy BOSS they have brand new stock with huge RMS wattages.

P.S BOSS Rules!

The other BOSS user
Thats right Boss user, I use Boss myself, I dont care to much for namebrandwhores either. But then again, Boss dont rule, Boss COMPETES with all the so called namebrands. and kicks their butts two ways, 1.PRICE....2.POWER. and in their minds, brand over rules VALUE. But brand dont win you any trophies. {POWER DOES} so, if your not willing to spend over 5000 bucks for a name brand digital amp, go with BOSS, and kick some butt poor man style.

Does anybody reccomend the Boss PD-4000? And would $294.90 be a good price?

Josh the Pd4000 is not recommended from me because of the poor sound quality and distotion levels but If u can get that much power at that Price why not go for it.

Note:That amp will not put out all 4000 watts it claims.

you can get the P D 4000 for a little less if you shop around. this amp can produce 166.3 db. I would recommend some kick butt subs,in order to stay clear of any annoying distortion, if not, were talking distortion city.I would recommend a set of MOFOS, and some plexyglass windows. like Hydro said,it will not push 4000 watts,...but you will cash in on a good 3000 watts,on a 1ohm load. plus no amp can produce what it claims, their rated on 14+ volts,and all the wire will cost you a few watts as well. and for around that price how can you go wrong.

Thank you Hydro and Carl. I'm really thinking of getting 2-4 Kicker S12L7's. It said they are up to 750watts RMS and 1500watts peak. What do you reccomend? I will definately check out the MOFO's though. Thanx for the help.

So you would reccomend the MOFO's over the S12L7's? Which is better for SPL? SQ? and price vs. watts? I have a 91' Ford Probe hatchback. I would like to get 2-4 subs. thanx

j05h84, first of all you dont have the room in your hatchback to fit 4 Kicker S12L7's. they need alot of room (air space) to reach full potential,they max out real quick and handle only 750 watts peak,at a cost of 169-300+ each. The MOFOS have a RMS of 2400 watts,5000 watts max at 1 ohm,to the tune of 169-200+ and can produce chest crushing bass.I think the only problem your going to have with the MOFOS is later wanting a more powerful amp.on the other hand if you prefer the Kickers over the MOFOS,you will have to stay where your at in the amp department,the Kickers wont be able to handle much more power than what your going to put on them.I think both of your choices are in the nice department, but i would tend to beleive that the MOFOS are just a tad nicer,wattage/spl/and handles a truck load more power, and will kick your butt.MOFOS=2400 rms+5000 watts max 90 dB// Kicker S12l7=300 rms+750 peak 87 dB. Good luck on making your choice, its not going to be a tough one. PEACE!

Thanx Carl You've helped a lot. I guess I'm going to go with the MOFO's.

j05h84, dont get me wrong, the Kickers are nice. I just thought in the long run, the MOFOS would be the better choice for you to be able to abuse yourself with......just one more thing, is the amp that you plan on useing 1 ohm stable? if its not,then i would recommend not even considering it. & before you spend alot of money, keep one thing in mind. if you have doubts about what you are buying,{think long & hard,} & check every available option & price & make sure its what you want.Im sure if you do this, then you would have saved yourself alot of headach & created a system to be proud of, & most importantly, HARD TO BEAT!...... best of luck!

Snap Crackle & Pop
Question, my amp has a phase control, bass control,and the regular gain control, which is the best way to adjust these controls for optimum out put? I either have to much phase, to much bass,or both. {Boss Ripper 495}

Snap Cracle & Pop
Hey guy's, im sorry that nobody has enough knowledge to answer my question. it should be a grade school question to all you people in here, considering what you claim to know. I guess the truth always has a way of comming out........ But thanks anyway.

do you know what "phase" means?, before you go pointing fingers you should realize that the sound you want out of your amp is your preference. as far as the gain however, it should be set in relation to the voltage output of your headunit, most average decks put out 1 to 1.5volts so set accordingly.

Snap pop Crackle I just stumbled upon ur question sorry no one else answered ya earlier the bass control(bass boost) is a knob that increases the Db level usually (0-12)0 being the least and 12 being the greatest.The Gain Control has a min-max.level and increasing the gains sends a signal to ur amp to shoot more power to ur subs/speakers.The Phase Control knob ranges from 0-180 degrees depending on the setting you most enjoy(Sound Quality) with your low frequencies.

hey hydro, whats up? bet your weather is better than ours up here! to cold man, to cold

Snap Crackle & d Pop
Hydro, thanks for your help. Zacdavis you too. my previous post sounded a little harsh, didnt mean for it to sound that way. thanks alot guys.

Yea Zac its about 70 degrees here everyday

thanx again Carl. I'll make sure to research price and what people think before I spend the money.

Hey people who knows whats the best set up for a boss pd4000 and a mofo 12" ? including all wiring with ohmage etc ....and extra stuff like capacitors and batterys.

please reply 10x

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To the person who posted Wednesday, June 18, 2003 - 04:59 pm, said he almost a boss amp from a "black guy" at the car wash, I think you need to be a little bit more tactful.I don't think you needed to mention what race and suggest they were stolen unless you knew.The two in the same sentence can offend a lot of black people.

Maxkilla, 2 guage wire(Batt to amp), one 3.0 capacitor, atleast a 900 CCA battery. 4-8 guage spkr wire from amp to sub.(sealed box)(2 ohm set up)///(if the set up is new) you can go 1 ohm if you are willing to take that chance.(stay with higher ohm until its broken in) if your going to run it at high volumes, go 4 ohm until broken in. then after 30 days, drop it to 1 ohm. then you can give it all the hell you want.

b.boone, dont sit there and stereo type yourself and everybody else. the guy just said what he seen and what he thought. and why would you want to start all this racial garbadge anyway. you cant get on this forum and be makeing threats. just what in the world are you going to do to somebody in this forum. are you electric man? in other words, you will not get any retribution here. grow up, and get a life.

Ya Danial Boone, you just keep floating down stream.

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r u a purist or digital man? i prefer analog myself, digital is much easier to work with,but nothin beats a 2 inch tape in sq.
i'm a musician who grew up around our studio, both sides of my family whom all are musicians and most all of us play out. from my scat jazz vibe/piano grandma who gigs every weekend to my uncle whos playin bass in his country band every weekend, its our lifestyle i guess.
do you play?
you asked about a video, i'd like to record a song in stereoscopic and stereophonic in a real time format. i can/will explain. i also worked for Intelecon in dallas,tx, better known for our work with Kiss on their CychoCircus tour, (all 3d). where did you say your from/at?

10:22 post was for zafar....

ive got one of those new 1000 watt boss amps with the gage and all, ive got it running two 12" subs alpines do u reckon it will be able to run two 1000 watt JBL subbs 15".r these amps any good or wot

as an electrical engineer, and installer with over a decade of experience and plenty of IASCA trophies, I can tell you, I wouldn't take anything from "Boss" if you paid me. They are some of the worst made equipment on earth, right along with Sony, Legacy, Rockwood, Pyramid, Soundstorm, and so forth.
Audiobahn isn't much better.. chrome plated, pretty trash.

save up some money and buy good equipment. You'll be thankful you did.

Alpine, Audiocontrol, Zapco, Sinfoni, DynAudio, Onyx Mobile Audio, Lestek, Streetwirez.

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of course it's me :P
I got bored with the other forum being so slow lately. plus I tripped over this one when I was looking up data on the cda-9813
figured I'd toss in a bit of input here and there

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New member
Username: Huntman2002

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I have 2 RF Power HX2 12" DVC 2 ohm Subs, I have them wired to a 1/2 ohm load. A PD-4000 would be perfect for my config...right?( 2000watts x 2 @ 1/2 ohm stero stable)

New member
Username: Zacdavis

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almost, you have a 1/2 ohm load mono, with that amp you'll need to run 1ohm stereo. in order to run that amp at 1/2 by two, then you would need 4 of your subs. my recomendation would be to buy two mono 1ohm stable amps, one for each of your punchpower subs.

Unregistered guest
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Unregistered guest
ive got a new Boss 1000 watts peak amp, ive bought it to run two JBL 100 watt 15" subs that ive got on order, becuase this amp is rated on peak wot watt would it really be?? and do u think these two JBL subs would run good off this amp??
help us out

Unregistered guest
How does this sound?
2 S12L7's in a vented box, 1.9 cu. ft. per sub.,
15 1/2"h x 18 1/4"d x 34"w , tuned to 38 Hz? It's a pre-made kicker box I found on the internet. I'd run the 2 12"s with a kx1200.1 and its for a 91' Ford Probe. Help Plzz..

its sounds good, me, but i would go with jl audio if i were you.

Unregistered guest
which would you suggest... 2 12's in a ported box or 1 15" in a ported box? It's a 91' Ford Probe hatchback. any other suggestions also appreciated. thanx

first of all, what kind of subs are you looking at? the 15 will proably take up less space than the 2 12's, but the 12's will sound better. and they will hit harder than the 1 15. the 15 will hit lower, though.

Unregistered guest
Was looking at Kicker's L7's

if your gonna get kicker, those are the way to go. i prefer JL audio though

Unregistered guest

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Does any one have experience with the new Boss Klash K580 2 Channel 900 Watts Car Amp? i want to use it to power 2 10" Rockford Fosgate 400w peak 150wRMS Subs, at 4 Ohms... Is it wise to get an amp that is just a bit more powerfull then the subs, so you dont drive it at full power all the time? Durrability wise... Here are the specks
New Klash Series for 2003 -- 2 Channel Boss Klash K580
Max Power @ 2 Ohms -- 450 watts x 2
RMS power @ 4 Ohms - 170 watts x 2 RMS
Bridged Power 900 watts x 1
Bridgeable Mosfet Amplifier
Frequency Response - 20 - 300 Hz
S/N Ration - >105dB
THD .01%
2 Channels
Dimensions - 11 3/8" x 2 5/16" x 12 3/8"
Tri-Mode operations
Remote Subwoofer Level Control
Line and Speaker Level Inputs
Line out for easy hook up to multiple amps
0-+18dB Bass Boost
Mosfet Power Supply
Variable low pass crossovers
Variable High Pass crossovers
Gain control
Power and Protection LEDs
Plexiglass top cover
Input voltage switch 100mv-2V / 2V-8V

Please email me if possable... Thanks

PS i have found it at for $99
and discount jungle store for $74ish

Unregistered guest
Well 1st off. Never look at TOTAL watts. Always look at the RMS watts on amps, and speakers. Then try to match them as close as you can. With Boss amps, they're just like Legacy and Soundstorm, and Rockwood, and those kinds of amps are harder to tell what the REAL watts they push are because, well.. they lie. Anyways I would try to hook up the speakers 1 to each channel 1st. Then if that doesnt seam to be pushing hard enough, then try to bridge them. Thats what I would do.

jay amaro
Unregistered guest
hey shaun,
for 200 you can get a really decent amp that isnt a boss.
given the cost to quality you mentioned then i would try something like u.s. acoustics who makea well made high quality amp that isnt expensive.
just remember because they can handle 1100 watts rms each doesnt mean you have to reach that rating for it to sound good and all speakers are rating using only 1 watt!!
so if you had a decent amount of power for them they are going to sound good and more important is the enclosure and no amount of power can fix that.
if you have a good enclosure and lets say something like just a few hndred watts like 100-200 each of if going mono then 300-400 for them should sound great.
some things in the 200 dollar range that will give you what you want are:
rockford power 451s
rockford power 351m
rockford punch 501s
clarion apx401.2
those above can be found at
for under 200 or right around there and are 2/1 channel amps depending how you want to wire the subs up.
sony xm-2165gtx
mtx thunder421d
can be found at and i thought these might be interesting to look at but allof them have good warranties, use high quality components and also brand reputation.
but youor gonna find people have have good and bad experiences with just about anything out there and only you can decide whats best for you but id read about a few amps, compare prices and i wouldnt worry about listening to what anyone has to say including me where opinions are concerned but thats why i try to not do that and might suggest and state facts but my opinion is worth about as much as anyone elses which is absolutely nothing.
hope i helped,
p.s. theres only one person in the world whos always right and thats you because your the buyer.

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This Boss K580 would be my last purchase, for my car. I got front and rear infinity reference Speakers, (6.5's and 6x9's 3-way) and a cool Lanzar Mp1600 mp3 deck with 240w amp in it. But my system is set up for rock, too much treble, and i want to feel my bass. I listen to a lot of electronic music mainly Jungle, so you know i will be using the amp, Basically i only want to buy it once..

ps thanks for your input blah

Unregistered guest
Are Phoenix Gold amps any good?

Unregistered guest
Anybody ever heard of Logic subwoofers? Had any experience with them? They any good? How about SPL subwoofers?

Unregistered guest
which would create higher SPL. 1 15" solobaric in a vented box with 6cu ft, OR 2 12" solobarics in a vented box with 1.9 cu ft each? It's for a 95' Cavalier. Approx how many decibels you think it would hit? Any other suggestions would help also. Thanks.

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187 pull your skirt of and find your balls dead sh*t f*got.

My friend has a $175 boss amp its 1200 watts and it sounds sh*t

New member
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Anonymouse youre a c*ck my mate hase the same amp with 2 600w boss subs and the sound quality is exelent for the price of the amp even though hes only getin bout 70w RMS pere sub (wich is fairl powerful)

Unregistered guest
i have a boss 3000 watt class d amp and it freaking rocks, it pounds the hell outa my two 15's, so i would recommend boss amps any day.......oh and further more my friend has 4 15'kicker comp cvrs and 2 amps just like mine, granted he has to have 2 alternators, but hey what the hell hes won sound comps at car shows.

LOL @ b. boone above. Would that be as in Baboon?

haha lovin all yall wit tha boss... one a them boss 4000watt amps (maybe they meant 40 watt) might be pushing your trunkload of 15's good cuz tha rattling dustcaps read pyramid haha! lol boss is aight is you dont want to search around for a quality product for same price.. ya i coulda bought a boss for $3 or w/e they worth but i went for a 'fonics 1500d only $275 wit 2 L7 12's in a 3.4 vented box all for $760...
by tha way boss cats your so called 4000 watts at 1/2 an ohm can power a solo-x 18 dual 1-ohm sub cant it?? lmao i would pay a few bucks to see that in person so i could get a good laugh.
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