Boom: eD NINe.1


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Anyways, I made a thread the other day, of course g@y ecoustics mods deleted for whatever purpose, and was too lazy to re-post it. I sold my nine.1 and dd 9515 to a friend for $675CAD.

He got it installed professionally because he didn't have the time to do it all himself.

So, last night he goes and turns it up(disgustingly loud btw) and the sub suddenly cuts out. He checks in-line fuse, its okay. He checks fuses on amp, they're blown. So he turns off his car, takes key out, and replaces fuses with same rating. as soon as 4th(last) fuse goes in, boom, fuses blow AGAIN, with no power. Now, he left it for the night.

I go see him this morning and find out what happened, we hook up the nine.1 in a different vehicle. It powers on, but the power light kinda flickers, didn't test it with a load though. You can also hear a sort of "scratchy" noise, possibly the fan? Not sure, but yeah...

That's the story... The sub is fine, its being powered by a smaller amp now.

I've emailed eD, I'll most likely post their reply on here when i get it :-)

hope you enjoy the tragic read :-)

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make sure the amp is unhooked before u put the fuses in

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Good luck with eD.. I hear their customer service is horrible

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^^Yep...same thing i heard...

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Not if you contact Ben directly:

bmilne@ (take out space)

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Hm... Seems all the decent company's customer service is bringin them down :-(

Thanks Brad, if this email doesnt work out ill get ahold of Ben...

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I know of several different people having problems with the NINe.1
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