Why do so many people underate the type r's?haters


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stop hating on the type r's. there some great subs for the money. as long as you know what youre doing when it comes to amps they are a great product

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tell me what you should do when it comes to amps...

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they are not really unerrated but a lot of people just dont want mainstream products, i personally wouldnt buy them myself.maybe to be diferent..

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i have 2 12" type r's and they slam...there is a kid in my town with some old school jl audio subs and i bet that if we took our cars to get metered mine would be better.....but I'm not saying type r's are better than anyones system I'm just saying they slam

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Well, if your talking about here, and why they hate, its because they have their head up another subs a55 currently. is for type aRRRRRgggghhhhhh lovers.

This is BTL terristory bish.... STEP OFF!!!!

(lol @ the fanboys)

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font{verdana,arial,helvetica,only because u can walk into any good car audio store & buy em (mainstream products) ppl just like 2 talk sh1t about it

ppl r going to get tired of seeing me post this but 4 the millionth time there is isnt many subs in its price range which can beat it .......}}}}

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Had Alpine type R's (loud and not very clean)...sold them and bought Diamond D3's (just as loud, much cleaner and played lower)...selling those and just bought TC Sounds TC-1000's (loud, extremely clean and play WAY lower than the Diamonds...Type R's shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as the TC-1000's)

Just my opinion, of course

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I wouldn't say that people on here hate on type R's that much. If anything we all know what they can do for the price. But like M&M said they are a bit too mainstream and to me they also have a rep as being the sub for the emo generation.

Besides... we spend most of our time bashing Keeker

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never said anything bad about them myself.
good subs. work sealed or ported pretty well.
they get loud, have decent SQ, and are affordable.
for the price, they're a good option.
There are better subs out there, but it all depends on what you want to spend, and what your goals are.

Hey Ren, long time no see.

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What forum do i know you from?

I seem to remember you having a bada55 charger, living on the water in MI, and being a EE, but i dont know why. I glance at your profile confirms most of it.

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caraudiocentral and here.

yeah its been a few years.

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what this all comes down to is people dont know how to build a flippin box.. you can take any sub and build a kick a_S_S tuned ported box and make it play low and even make some SPL... amp is another huge factor.. i myself love Tyle ARRRRRSSSS you can usually pick up 12s for about $90 a piece one ebay and they will last a long time and be stupid loud in the process...

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people don't underrate them, they're just tired of budget subs, then they want more SQ or more SPL and they never get happy.

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yep^, plus i don't want a sub that half the retards that shop at bb get.
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