Equalizer Installation Problem


I have installed a car equalizer (realistic) using a Sony Head unit. It does work fine but whenever I started the car engine you could hear a hizz sound coming from the speakers as the engine goes.

Could you please give me an idea on how would I get the rid of that hizz sound please.

Thanks in advance guyz!

they have things called noise reducers or suppressors. you install them on the power wire to the component of your system your equalizer to take out the alternator noise or the hizz. Sometimes they do not work but sometimes they do. Make sure all you connections are secure and the wires are not exposed use electrical tape over the connections.

also check your ground connection

basically tt, the equalizer havent got a ground wire. all it has are the 4 spkr channel wires, power source (+)(-) and the wire input (left and right). all wires are secured from exposure. i think i need to take your advice by placing a noise ruducers or suppressors.

thanks a lot mate!

The - is your ground smart guy.

college graduate in electronics
There could also be the problem of if our speaker wire is running right next to your speaker wire that will cause interference with its frequency always make sure if you run a + wire through a car you have the speaker wires on one side and hot wires on another.

I need specs to install a car equalizer
how to connect the wires how many amps I need etc.

normally equalizer wires are color coded. same as amps..

yellow/red - pos
black - ground
rest are speaker wires

I am looking for a noise-absorbing method or device for preventing telephone communications from being heard by nearby listeners. (Open work stations and very close quarters). Is there a commercial product available ?; or could it be as simple as a 'picture frame' within "x" inches of voice, with ordered layers of noise absorbing materials attached (guessing on these: styrofoam / special fabric /acoustic tile, etc) that would absorb vocal output if speech is directed toward it ??
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