Big 3 went way bad?


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started big 3.put 4 ga wire from negative bat to frame,left the factory wire there and bolted the 4 ga in the same spot.then ran 4 ga wire from back of alternator to positive battery.couldnt find identify the engine ground to chassis so i was just gonna leave it at that for now.I started my truck,well tried,had to jump start it.then once it was running,bass was muddy and not near as loud!!very distorted also had huge voltage drops as bass hit.So i took the 4 ga runs off and left factory wires.bass is better but not as good as before and the volts dont drop as bad as with the 4ga wires on.What happened?did i wire something wrong?all i did was follow the red factory wire from bat to alt and add a 4ga run beside it the did the same with the ground follow from neg to frame then added 4ga run beside it.then my truck wouldnt start and when i jumped it the volts were dropping hard and bass was gone.any ideas?

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sounds like there was a bad connetction or something.

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you probbally have a loose coonection
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