Speaker Problem too."pop" sounds every now and then


i'm using creative inspire 6.1.....and there are always pop sounds coming out of my speakers now and then.....all the wires all plugged in properly and i didnt install any sound related software recently on my com.i bought my speakers with my com about a month ago but the problem only arise 2 weeks ago.Anyone who know what my problem might be and care to explain to me?

did your sound cord get ripped out of the computer or anything? Sometimes the connections inside the plug of the sound card get bent and cannot be repaired if the plug is pulled out improperly. If you are fairly confident with your computer skills you might take the case off and make sure the sound card is properly pushed into the motherboard to. Either one makes a bad connection that pops or sometimes doesn't work at all. Another thing is you might try to reinstall you sound card driver just in case it is corrupt. It is always easier to start with hardware then go to software unless you are positive that all the hardware is good and secure. And since your computer is only a month old you should have a warranty so try make them fix it and save yourself the time and headache.

I have the same exact problem, but i've had my inspire 6.1 speakers for about 6 months now. i'm using it with the Audigy mp3+.

I have exactly same problem and im positive that it's bad creative speakers. I bought 6.1 system and run it on audigy 2. Everynow and then I have a pop sound or alike..sounds like some would mess with a powercord. I returned speakers to the store got new ones. Its been good for few month and now it started again! Pop sounds.. Creative subwoofers are crap...I'm gonna return this one two! Anyone found any other solutions? very interested!

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same problem, started a few weeks after purchase -> happens even when speakers are not plugged into computer.

I have 5.1 channel audio card and 5.1 channel sub woofer and speakers. why can't I get the rear speakers to work. The volume panel has them greyed out? Help

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Please start a thread in another forum as this is a car audio forum :-) Sorry for the inconvenience.

But just to help you guys out (if you do still read this). Open your PC casing and check to make sure that they are no cables or wiring touching your sound card. Also make sure that the metal panels where you screw the card onto your casing are not touching as this sometimes causes the static.

Another thing is, make sure the position of your audio card is no where close to your LAN card, or AGP card (or anything). I found out positioning an audio card close to a LAN card causes a little bit of interference. Of course this is all subject to whether your motherboard doesn't come with built in devices such as LAN or audio (or maybe even modem)

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If its happening when the speakers aren't even plugged into your computer, does this happen when appliances in the same room or in the next room turn on/off? There is alot of appliances that can cause interference if they use electromagnetics to operate.
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