Thought sub was going south...Lol


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Well, for the last week my Dub 12 was making wierd noises, Like it was bottoming out or something. So I start messing around with my new amp, and start looking for my screw driver thats been missing for like a week now. Anyway, I drop a screw and it goes in the box port, I reach in to get it, theres my screwdriver...the thing was ratteling around in the port for the last week. Sub is fine. Thats a relief.

Just thought I'd share that with you's.

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How could you leave a screwdriver roaming free with all the car audio you have running in there?I always make sure to take out all tools and or hardware no matter what.I've spent 2 hours looking for just a single screw because if it arcs the power there's going to be problems.

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Haha. I'm sure you're not the first person to do that.

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once i thought my sub burnt up or something and the same thing happened but it was my hu remote in there... to this day i cant figure out how it got there, lol
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