Been away fr c stereo scene a while, need advice on subs


hey people, Im looking to buy some subs for my car, i havent fooled with this stuff in years, so I need someones advice.. In the past, Ive used, the old Gold Letter Kicker Comp 12in w/ 270watt kenwood kac-923, JL8W6's(again with the kenwood amp), JL10W1's,(with the 923 for a while then a MTX Thunder2300) , and a pair of MTX Black Gold 10's(MTX 2300) that were in sealed enclosures. a Punch 18 in a ported enclosure(kenwood amp here too), and a factory mtx bandpass box with two road thunder two's(again kac923). All at different times of course. Anyway cash is tight right now, and Im looking for some cheap subwoofication. I bought a sanyo amp, that says 100wattsx2 mosfet, (probably 50 or 75 to be realistic), for 5bucks. A dude brought id down here and wanted to sell it, I told him i had to hook it up, so i did, and it only played part of the time, I took the bottom plate off and rewired the power gnd, and remote leads and it works perfect now!! woohoo, I have it hooked up, to a premier deck with built in sub output, and xover. now to the nitty gritty, I reallly enjoyed the sound of the Black golds, the kickers, the jl's and the mtx bandpass box for what it was. and the punch 18, even though it was underpowered. Anybody got any suggestions for some good loud and low hitting subs, I reallly liked the low extension of the jl's and the Black golds. I think they were the best sounding subs Ive owned, and with the 2300 on the black golds, many had told me that thought i had 12's behind the seat.

Has anyone tried the MTX 4000's or the cheap kickers? Ive heard the cheap kickers are the equivalent of the old gold letter kickers.. I know youre probably sick of this next question, but has anyone heard the bandpass visonik 10's or 12's that crotchfield sells? Does anyone know where I can find good deals on jl audio? those jl's are hard to beat, but i think the black golds hit a little lower, but for the price, you couldnt beat those 10w1's with a sledgehammer!! Any suggestions.. I listen to all types of music, but mainly metal(Cradle of filth, nightwish, sabbath, children of bodom, in flames, dimmuborgir) and some tool, ozzy, soundgarden, IRON MAIDEN, and ocassionally I'll pop in a bass track for the hell of it. (I used to love quad maximus (the cd with the mitsubishi truck on the cover, and the frequency tones on it) Techmaster PEB was cool too..

SORRY THIS IS TOO LONG, BUT I WANTED TO GIVE TOO MUCH INFO RATHER THAN NOT ENOUGH!!.. BTW box design will have to be sealed or ported, since Im no expert on enclosure design, no do i own a copy of leap. I do have boxplot, but it sucks, and another one.. old one..

man i'll sell you a 15" kicker comp vr for $100 plus shippen.

dont go visonik, visonik is horrible, lol, mtx is fairly good, and im not surprised that you were impressed with the jl. look on ebay for some good JL stuff, i ended up finding 3 JL 10w0s on ebay for 175 and those lasted me a long time until i ended up buying 2 w3 12s from my cousin for 150. that kicker comp vr actually is a very good sub, i reccommend them. stick with the well known brands, although i wouldnt recommend rockford anymore, you sound like you were into audio before, when rockford still made the best stuff around. their old stuff is great, but im not a big fan of their newer stuff, stick with JL, kicker, cerwin vega, etc... you wont be dissappointed. and if you want a good amp for a good price, look at the JBL 600.1 on ebay, that will push whatever you got pretty well. most likely better than that old mtx amp u got :)

If you want descent hitting subs at descent prices, then go for Alpine's Type-R 12. I've heard several of them in both sealed and ported boxes and they sound awesome. They hit low and accurately. Can handle 300 watt RMS and 1000 watt peaks. Custom box and sub together $300. You could buy the sub at Etronics for $120, but that is just for the sub.

That is all that I know. Have fun.


Does anyone have any mtx black gold subs for sale? Or know where i can get some?

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