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I just purchased some Stinger Hyper series 4 ch Rca's and some Stinger HPM twisted 12ga speaker wires. (10 ft) A Sound quest Battery Terminal that has 1 0g, 1 4ga, and two 4ga outputs. A sound quest 0ga Pro ring terminal. A distribution block that accepts one 0ga and spilts to 2 8ga outputs. Should i get a block that splits to 2 4ga? I'll be running a audiobahn a800t and a Infinity 7541A. I also have a 13" overhead and a 7" indash. I want my system to be good, but not great. Don't have that kinda cash and plus I need to save some cash. Anyways, the audiobahn will be pushing 2 Sony 12's (yes I know not the best, but they do the job) My indash is a Pioneer DEH-P860MP Premier, the 7" screen is a Px8 something lol it's a pioneer too. I will plan on getting a HO alt but not for like a few more months. It seems irragi is the way to go there huh? From the stuff I named what size HO alt would I need? This is going in a Hyundai SAnta Fe, don't know stock alt b/c I haven't even brought the car yet. So what else do you guys think I need to make this car complete audio and visual wise? Yes, I will be doing the Big 3, not a total noob. ;)
Ph and how much can a sony take over the rms? I'm giving them both 400 rms right now, but i want to give them like 700 or 800. Can they take it? they are rated for 1300 MAX. Model is XSL124P5B

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almost forgot to say I also have a 5 farad power acoustic cap, if i get a ho alt, would it be better running two batteries or i'll be fine with one and the ho alt?

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well your audioburn amp does 800wrms @ 2ohm which i take your running it at. and your amp is at most 560x2 so that's a total of about 1400w rounded up. personally i would go with at least a 200a alt. as far as what else you need to make it complete visual wise i'd say tint so no one can see the sony's:-) and i wouldn't suggest giving them double the rms, they are sony's. i'd say feel lucky your giving them the rms and they aren't blown yet.

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Registered: Jun-06 the tint comment crap are you serious about the rms? I was hoping to have them hit harder but doubling the rms. they can't be that bad can they? damn I just really read the part about the amp. I only brought it b/c i thought it was a cheap amp that actually put out it's rated power. :-( It's a good and bad thing for me. Good b/c that means I haven't really given my subs real power, and bad cuz I wasted money on the amp. What's a good amp that does 1000-1200 RMS at 2 ohms? i hope the sony's can handle it. Thing is I won't be hooking any of this up in my new ride until i get it and that won't be until July. :-( i usually buy my stuff from ebay so if anyone knows of a cheap amp plz let me know. thnx
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