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I have a MA Audio HK401sx amp and running it at 1 ohm, (1000wrms at 14.4v)

The amp has 3 40 amp fuses and is .5 ohm stable.

my lights barely start to flicker when i have it all the way up and not moving. ( no problems once the alt is cranking full speed )

my stock alt is 100amps and im looking into a H/O alt now.

Ive found some cheaper 140amp alts but am unsure if i should spend the mony and get a 180-220 amp alt. I will be running the amp at .5ohms soon so my question is will the 140 be enough to charge my system rated for 120 amps or will i need more current.

i will also have my big 3, 2 runs of 1/0 gauge to 2 Kenetic HC800 batts in the back. With a HC600 up front

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You might as well get the bigger alt so that if you ever plan on upgrading you already it and don't have to waste money and buying a new one.

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This system is in my show car, and i dont need any more then 1000 watts. My jeep cherokee sport is gonna be my big audio vehicle and will have 2 H/O alts, Im already in the process of getting 2 OEM's installed so when i save up for the 220A's i can swap them quickly.

Just wondering if the 140A is good enough for this system. 1000-1200 watts to a Q

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The 140a should be just fine.

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In most cases a 140 amp alt is sufficient for a 1200 watt system.

But MA audio amps suck so that thing is probably very inefficient (I would bet it's nowhere near 80% like most good quality amps). So you never know, but I think it should be ok.

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^^^^^i thought the same thing. At lower loads, amps get very inefficient, so that lil thing, might pull a lot of current. If i were you i'd use 160-180A alt. Just to be sure, cuz i suppose you're using another amp for components..

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