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Thanks to all who gave me some input about a previous reinstallation issue I was having with my subs. As it turns out, I popped my hood and the power wire running from fuse to amp wasn't pushed in as far as it could go into the fuse holder. As I was unscrewing the lid, apparently the screws that held the fuse in place on top of the two fuse terminals wasn't on very well and it just kind of slid off into my hand. So I tightened it all up, undid the speaker wiring to the subs so that nothing would be coming out, then I turned my car on and set it at about 60% volume. I took my speaker wires and placed them on the subs terminals... at first it was the same muddy bass that I had been having. I frowned and was like... FFFF it! Then I switched the wires, placed them down again and BOOOOOOOOOOOM my bass came back! I plugged them into the sub, and went to the other side and did the same thing and now I'm back in the bumpin' business again YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Stupid problem, easily solved!

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Nice,glad to see everythings working and you're happy.

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Such a friggin annoying problem. I always told myself "oh i'll take it into the shop tomorrow" and I never did because I thought it was a problem I could solve myself. I showed up at my gf's and was like F this give me a screwdriver and I fixed it in about 5 minutes. I never realized Throw Some D's sounds so good.... how could I ever live without bass? :D

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its always the simple things .....
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