This is how you roll (OPTIMOS) blunts


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And this is how you roll a blunt.

1. Wet the OPTIMO just enough to unwrap the green leaf lay it to the side you will need it later but make sure it DOESN'T dry out.
2.Rip the dark brown piece from the tip throw it away.
3. With a razor cut down the middle of the blunt long ways.
4. Empty out the tobacco put the fire azz green in its place.
5. Roll that up.
6. Remember the green leaf you unwraped earlier make sure it damp before rolling or it will crack and crumble wrap that around what you just rolled up.
7. And thats is how you roll a OPTIMO if you do it right it will be the longset smoking blunt you ever smoked.

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^^^get real guy.

el producto's burn way longer

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nice post

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Have you tried that before

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Srry, but I am a honey dutch man myself.
We roll blunts a little diff around here.

1. Buy a honey dutch.
2. Buy a pack of clear rolling papers.
3. Roll two fat J's.
4. Unwrap the dutch like an optimo.
5. Roll the J's in honey and then in bud.(finely broken up)
6. "Paint" the inside of the dutch with honey using your finger.
7. Spread the green around the inside of the dutch(it will stick to the honey forming a layer of herb)
8. Place the J's end to end inside the dutch, and evenly place any extra herb.
9. Roll the Dutch, use honey to seal, and then apply the leaf.
10. Smoke that sh!t.
You will need 7+ grams of bud for this.

Another fun thing to do is "stuff" a dutch.
Use needle nose plyers to remove all the tobacco from the dutch without splitting it. Then, restuff with the trees. This also requires 7+ grams. Most likely closer to 10grams to completely fill.

One of my favorite things is reverse rolling a J'. I don't feel like explaining it. Look it up if you are interested on the net. But only attempt if you have mad rollin skills.

Also, look up the "tulip". Very interesting way of smoking. Hits hard.

Another favorite is the crows foot. Roll a fat azz blunt with 3 joints sticking out of the end. It will look like a birds foot and leg. You will see the joints burn down and connect and then finally ignite the blunt.

Currently smokin on some Strawberry cough, Lambs breath, honey hash, and black tar O. Mids are for flippin, not smoking.

Happy tokin. : )

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fuuckin pot heads lmao

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BTW my blunt lasts longer. A 26 gram'er I once rolled lasted around 2 hours.

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how ironic, Im burning a cigarello right now... filled with some exotic like usual.


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you cant post a link directly to it, but if you go here a click "watch this movie" it's pretty dope!

devil went down to Jamaica

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Im smoking on a OPTIMO right now

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"If refa really makes ya Happy nigga blaze it."

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swisher cigarello wooo wooo ...i personnaly dont care how fast it burns im bout the flava and the hit.... and rellos deffinetly good at that if u always got that kill X-) <---
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