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Has anyone tried\seen these before? They are called Smokeclear

they have a web address on the pack too.... www.smokeclear.com but anyways....

These papers are like pieces of plastic but more firm.. says its made out of cellulose.... are these papers worse then regular blunts or papers?

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if it is just papers and not blunt wraps, they are sorta old news, at least to me... :-)

they are easy to roll with, i expected them to rip when i bought them, but they dont rip so easy.

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ya i tried them before dint really like them id say they're better than blunts. Blunts always have a nasty taste, those clear ones burn slower though they look and feel like clear tape lol

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yeah they are made from plants or something dont care to much for them, i prefer to just use a bowl

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I have used them and actually like them. They are sopposed to be better for you.

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yeah the whole deal with em is you smoke dank and higher end budz outta them and they'll lets you taste nuthin but the bud. I love em cause I hate the taste cheap blunt wraps give good bud but I love blunts. P.S. if you smoke mids outta those things it will taste like a witches pu$$y

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mad old. like year n' a half old. BP has them

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ahhh u stoners lol

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ive had the wraps just like those but they were the chocolate ones...they roll nice

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hmmmm... i thought i heard they were better then blunts health wise... my friend bought me a pack of em the other week and i barely been using them... they harder to roll like one crease in the paper and its not sticking.. but it does burn slow but i hate how it goes out all the time.. i think ill just stick to swisher lol... but these do amaze my female stoner friends one chick thought i wrapped some green in a piece of tape

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its just going out because your weed sucks, homie
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