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Username: Bies08

Wheaton, Kansas

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ok..looking for new subs..i've posted on here a few times and havn't got a for sure answer...

Kickers- /SFV/30046


Diamond Audio- /SFV/30046

Them are me three choices(that i could htink of off hte top of my head) These are probably going to be my last subs since im starting to modify my car now. I need to know which ones will:
1.) Hit hardest
2.) Last longest
3.) Sound the best
4.) More bang for the buck?

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Username: Adddisorder

West palm, Florida

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diamonds are the best on that list if you ask me. type Rs arnt bad but im not exactly a fan

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Username: Nd4spd18

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Well for numbers 2 and 3 on your list you definetly do not want the kicker. Either of the others should be ok.

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Username: Wingmanalive

A pic is worth 1000 words

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You could get alot more for your $300 they ask for the Kicker. FI is becoming extremely popular.

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Jackson, New Jersey Ocean

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You should take a look at the SD 2.5 its in the price range as the other subs. If you look around you can get a L7 for the price of that L5

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Username: Bies08

Wheaton, Kansas

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anyone else?

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Username: Oglejust

You aint bangin unless..., Il

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type r is the best on the list imo... the diamond is ok too.

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Username: Blazerboy

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If it has to be one of those though, go with the type-r.

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id go diamonds out of the list

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Username: 420alldaylong

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Out of the 3 you listed I would pick DIAMOND but check out the AudioQue SD2.5 great sub in every way.
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