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Okay first is there a big difference if i go with 1" thick mdf instead of 3/4"??? Another thing is i have 2 15" subs and wondering what type of port is the best for spl and sq??? I got a expedition so theres plenty of space....

i have 2 ma audio 15"XLs....the specs for 1 is..
Mounting Depth: 7.8"
Mounting Diameter: 14.1"
Optimum Vented Box: 4 Cu/Ft
Round Port Diameter: (3) 4"
Square Port Area: 37 Sq/In
Port Length: 15.5"

how do i use this to make a box for 2 subs???do i just double everything or is there a better way???

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I didn't even know ma audio made subs.

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Most guys go with slotted ports simply for the ease of building. Personally I think you have more control on tuning your box with round ports. Yes to doulbe the box requirements for two subs. At 8 cubes that will be a good sized box. Brace that baby well.

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try this

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""is there a big difference if i go with 1" thick mdf instead of 3/4"???""

box size & weight & cost will be more - however IMO with 1" it will need less bracing

also that rec port area\sub is way too small - try @ least 12sq"\cuft for some decent SQL .....

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a couple more things...if i mount it with the magnet out do i have to reverse the wires or something?? Someone told me that not sure how true it is...also i wanna make my box like that pic but what would the actual measurements be???

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to add to waht rovin said, if you use 1" it will take up more space and give you less net volume...using the same designs as one with 3\4" that is... if you plan for it to be 1" the only things there is finding the 1" mdf (not the easiest to find) it will cost more... but the only good side about it is that it is going to be alot stronger of a box. I used 1" birch and oak on my last box and it cost me about 150$ in wood and supplys.. really strudy..but overkill lol
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