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i know the rule when it comes to beer before liquor but whats the rule with clear and dark liquor? i been drinking about 8 coronas and then i drank 2-3 cups of crown now im about to take shots of tequilla and i am wondering are u suppose to drink clear after dark or before? and dont say dont mix them.

i have a high tollerance, and im celebrating cus i got my orders out of the army 2day. my last day is march 7 and im a free man. 2 days b4 my birthday (march 9th) i did my time now i can go home......yaaaaaaaaa. oooookkkkkkk!

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hahaha i dont know man, i think all that stuff is BS anyway. me and my friends alway joke though beer before liquor makes you sicker.

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your not suppose to mix darks and clears.. same as drinking beer before liquor.. but it depends on the body.. how much you drank.. how bad of a mix and so forth lol

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never heard anything about clear/dark liqours...just that you shouldn't mix them. As far as the beer/liquor thing, the only one I've ever heard goes like this
Beer on whiskey, mighty risky
Whiskey on beer, never fear.

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the OFFICIAL rule is liquor before beer, never fear, beer before liquor, never sicker. i dk about the colors. i mixed smirnoff vodka and jim bean whiskey and i threw up bad. lol

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hey matt>who made that rule "OFFICIAL"?
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