OT- What about UFOs?


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I was just driving wit a friend yesterday and i looked in the sky and only seen stars out on one part of the sky and it was showing the complete big dipper..atleast thats what it appeared to look like...very bright lights... but anyways as i turned the corner and lost view of it 3 more lights appeared in a triangle shape.. im in a south chicago burb looking toward indiana.. i sat at the stop for a minute or 2 and took 2 pictures and recorded a little with video then my camera battery died :-( it kind of sucks because about a minute after it died the lights vanished.. first the top one then at the same time both the lower ones.. it was really wierd, and once it disappeared i couldnt see the big dipper looking thing anymore either? here are the links to what i just uploaded to photobucket...
sorry the pictures suck and came out a little blurred but the video shows it a little better..my camera doesnt work good in the dark for some dumb reason.. takes forever to take the picture...have to hold it steady.. in the day i can take 20 in a minute np.

http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g297/Killaj17/?action=view&current=MOV00794.fl v



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i cant see the videos cause my shitty azz computer but that happened around phoenix like 10 years ago triangular shape with lights it was around for hours and it was seen again a couple hours away and then in another state and these lights appeared again about 2 weeks ago 10 years later same exact lights and the military claimed it was flares again... screw them liars lol

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hmmmm.... not flares nost defeffinetly.. they were sittting still like they were stars... all north stars... with the brightness but they disappeared almost instantly tho... does not make any sense at all.. i showed some other people and they were talking about there might be a airforce base over there somewhere... but still makes no sense how all the big dipper formation disappeared...

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^bump fu<ker!~~~ this forum software has really been cr@pping on me ALOT more then ussual lately.,.. anyone else? and this is attempt #3 to posting this that i just typed... forum did it again

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lol you on drugs??
nah j/k
but seriously IMHO
idk bout your video b/c it looks like sh!t lol
but i really do beleive thier are aliens why else would area 51 be so secure
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