Ground problems?


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Now, I think its my ground that I'm gaving problems with, but I'm not certain. I did all the work on this car and wouldn't be suprised to find I commited a car audio atroucity during the installation. I'll start from the top and someone might be able to help me.

I bought all the components and put them together in the most simple manner possible, and then ran the wires approprietly. I didn't try and hide them too much, only when they run by the back seat do the wires kind of pass under the seat right next to the painted body of the car. The ground isn't great, I just took off a screw, slipped the eyelet over the screws hole, and re-installed the screw.

Now, when I started my system, I got tons of static through the subs. A deep, very rough static that scared me for the sake of my subs. I went down to the local audio store and the guy suggested that I get this GLI to fix it. It works, sometimes. Sometimes the suns will cut in and out while I'm driving. It is quite annoying and cannot figure out why this is happening. There is no power loss, the LED stays on. The wires don't disconnect, so it can't be that, right? I think its the GLI, but what can I do? There are two brown wires on it that the (very limited) manual said could be connected somewhere, but were not required. I forgot where, but would this help? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

(Written on a blackberry so I appologize for any typos.)

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I'm not sure what you mean by a GLI. Did you scrape all the paint off the chassis where you screwed the ground to?

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u could have wired ur amp to the wrong load.

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Ground Loop Isolator

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eaither you wierd your amp wrong or you have your power wiers touching the ground and non power wiers and that can give you static in your sub/speakers.

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^^^^^^ "wiers" You spelled every one like this. Just reading that post out loud is funny. Not trying to be an aS$, its just finny when you read it.

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Similar to when you write :" I am sofa king we Todd did!" and tell someone to read it out loud. Try it, its funny! Some people don't even get it until the third or fourth time and what makes it even more funny is that while they are reading it and not getting it, everyone around is laughing their aS$ off. Just a similar example.

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