Question about w7 and amps


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Username: John_cochrane

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Okay, I am thinking about getting two JL w7's and I need some help with some things.

Could a JL 1000/1 power both of them? Or would I need two?

And could I somehow get an HO box from JL that will hold them both or is that not possible?

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i would get 2 amps.

email them about the box

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the HO box is by far not the best choice :-)

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Username: John_cochrane

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What box would you recommend for me then? I don't really know much about car audio. And are the two amps too much? Is there a better choice for amp?

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Username: John_cochrane

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For the amp I cant afford two 1000/1's but could I send both subs 750 watts if i got a 1000/1 and a 500/1?

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i don't think you can hook or 'strap' them two together to get 1500 watts, but as for the box, the regular h.o. box from them for 1 12 is enourmous in my opinion and my friend has one and it is loud as hell, they make a dual 12 inch h.o. box but its for the w3's i think, meanin it wouldn't fit the w7's specs, honestly, i'd just get one 13 inch w7 and a 1000/1 and you'll be set

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i heard 2 w7's ported on a single 1000/1 and they were plenty loud for me...but they lacked in sound quality.

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Username: John_cochrane

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So a 13-inch w7 and a 1000/1 will be really nice?

Right now I just have the shaker 1000 system that came with my 07 gt which is some no name subs with 1000 watts. Would a get a lot better base with this? because if not I might as well just hold off.

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Username: John_cochrane

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Would I be able to stack the 13w7 and the 1000/1 with my shaker that is already in there? Like have them both in there working at the same time? Or is that not a good idea? I am also upgrading my head unit to the pioneer 980.

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well when i had my one L7 hooked up with 700 watts going to it that was plenty bass and since a lot of people say that W7s are better than L7s then im sure just one 13" W7 will be plenty loud for you specially with the 1000/1 amp and i wouldnt hook up the shaker thats just me though
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