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im buyin a zx2500.1. and i have a 200a alt. with a battcap 400. but stock battery, do i need to get another battery with my stock, or jus get a new yellow top or something. my lights dim as it is with my zx1500.1 and i dont want this one to be worse?? but its not like a real noticable dim, u have to stare for awhile

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bump for the night

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well I'm sure that even now your alt is being strained, so with that amp you'd really want to get a kinetic battery to replace your stock one and then another kinetic to put in the trunk. Kinetics are pretty much the best, it would take multiple other batteries to match the power that 1 kinetic can hold.
So although they are more expensive, they really are alot better.You see, if you kept your regular battery and just put a kinetic in the back, it wouldn't work very well because kinetics hold alot more energy than a regular battery. So Basically your power flow would be all messed up and not very efficient. Power would be going back and forth between batteries.

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C.Free don't assume you're having battery problem just cause your lights dim. Even with HO alternator, if the voltage drops from 14.4v to 13.2v, your lights will appear to be dimming like before. However, since it's above 12.5v, you won't be drawing power from the battery.
Always use DMM before you spend needless money on new batteries.
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