Whats Louder?


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what will sound louder if both powered correctly in ported enclosures two 12" L7s or two 12" audiobahn flame Qs i know both kicker and audiobahn subs sucks but wich would sound louder?

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idk which is louder but my firend used to have 2 audiobahn flame q 12" and they got sorta loud but when they were all the way up the sounded like sh!t and sounded like something was always loose.

i think the L7's would be louder but i hear they blow very easy

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Username: Basssquared

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yeah well thas what i got and my friend has the flame qs but if i blow them they have a warranty so im not worried about them but if i do blow them ill just prolly sell the new ones and get something better but im hoping my L7s dont blow i like how my L7s sound people say they sound like crap but they sound good to me but i guess i just havent heard ne real sq subs but im just looking for spl neways

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L7's should be louder

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either way both suck

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yup i know that Mat thats y i stated that in the first post but as long as its louder than those audiobahns their good enough for me

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L7's dont suck.
the sq does but the L7 as awhole dont imo.
the L7's will get plenty loud for ya.

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no joke.^^^

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well imo i like my L7s but im just trying to find out which is Louder the L7 or the flame Qs?

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Username: Solobaric4life

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l7's will smoke the flame q's
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