Anna Nicole Smith died today..


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So who wants to start a bet on what drug you was on?

.....coked out perhaps?

cause of death was cardiac arrest.. had to be some type of speed

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I heard about that and the first thing I though was coke.

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think you might be pushed to self medicate a little if you had to deal with the death of your own child?

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Howard K. Stern killed them both. Now that everyone is calling in and emailing the authorities with new info on this, he is f!cked. He is just about to go testify that he gave her son the drugs that killed him and now this. If you read up on him and what he has been doing lately it's totally obvious he planned all of this. Sucks to be him right now, the FBI is a snoopin'. And R.I.P. Anna for what it's worth.

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when the old man she married died, she didnt get any money right?, he did somethig with his wil or something right?
plus, about howard stern, i tought she could see him because he called her a fatty or something like that....

My money is on Coke

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she got 88 millions when her husband died and they went to court. That's a huge amount but she wanted more!

a beautiful lady died. Money is on drugs.

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she died from meth.

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Haha. I wouldn't call her a "lady". She met her rich hubby stripping for him.

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Well...I heard about it earlier and frankly...bleh.

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holy sh!t !!! - im now learning of this since i been out all day driving around seeing about stuff

honestly this is sad 4 a fairly young woman to go like that - news reprots doesnt know exacly as yet but since she had so many demons in her life im thinking a drug overdose or lethal drug combo did her in

sad too that she has a 5mth old baby left motherless ......

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my guess is 5 grams of coke and about 30 of those trim spa pills... either way, it is a tragic loss for some...

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well when anybody loses their life, it is a sad occasion.

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They are now saying they found her under a sheet unconcious after taking a child seditive and passed out and choked on vomit. Last I heard. Info came from a employee of Anna's and was given to Access Holywood.

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Look on the bright side, shes probly 90% recycleable.

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lol ^^ ur an idiot u kno

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Well Mr. James...I wonder how many people died since this post was started? I wouldn't know because I don't remember the averages, but I'd guess like 1000s+

lol I second that Mr. Skullz.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^..

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lol, silicone is doesnt naturally decompose does it.... lol. i didnt even kno she died then my sister told me, and i asked her what happened did she OD on some coke.. she said i dunno

all i heard is she died.... but knowing them celebs that look healty... it ussaly OD..

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that rich husband thing.....she didnt get any money from hime i forgot whut happend but she didnt win that case LOL so i dunno her life is crzu but rip cuz she aint look to bad wunder whut tha real howard sterns gotta say bout thast

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For thr record. Is Howard K. Stern the same one as the DJ working for NBC? The news says this Howard K. Stern is an attorney. Just curious.

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no its 2 diff. people
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