Artistic Design of a Subwoofer Enclosure


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Like most internet forums I have gone through tonight you seem to be plagued with people asking for help designing their box. With this thread I give you a chance to help me out and at the same time talk about how to make a box design look cool.

My subwoofer enclosure is made like any typical wooden box, and it is going to be covered with vinyl. What I have been wondering about is ways to make the box look cooler without having to make it out of fiberglass, for example.

Do you have any cool or crazy ideas to add to a subwoofer enclosure to make it look nicer? Like adding LEDs, or embossing the vinyl.

I am particularly interested in how to emboss the vinyl to make a textured logo, or design on the vinyl itself.

Any ideas?

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simple carpet FTW

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i remember some1 doing this... dont remember who did it... ill look for it.

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How about staining the wood?

or painting it, and slapping a bunch of car audio stickers on it.

possibly have some cool vinyls made to slap on there.

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how about simply spraying it with a textured finish paint or using Laminate which has all those nice printed patterns & surface finishes on it .....

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you can build a sculpture on the outside of the box :-p

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as the that embossing?
paint is always nice
vinyl is hot but can be tough from what i hear.
plexi window

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that tutorial on adding a symbol to the subwoofer enclosure looks really nice.

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I was thinking the same thing. I think that would be pretty cool to do. ^^^^

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Registered: Dec-06 see if anyone has ever tried that symbol adding thing in the tutorial.
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