Break in?


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Do new subs really need to be broken in?

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Thats the only time you can break in subs(When they are new), you cant break them in any other time. SUBS should ALWAYS be broken in, sh!t some regular speakers should be broken in as well.

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Technically, yes. I would go easy on both the Bass AND Volume settings at first. Listen to your stereo system this way for about 2 weeks. Then, you can turn up the settings gradually, then you'll hear a HUGE difference. I didn't believe in this until it happened to me. When I first got my single 12" SQ sub, I couldn't hear s.h.i.t no matter how high I turned up those 2 settings. So, I went thru the pain of breaking them in for 2 weeks, and now, I can't even take my bass at half strength.

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I'm can't say that you're completely wrong, but that seems a little exagerated... ^^^^

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u dont have to break a sub in...u can if u want to..but u dont have 2...also there is an option on this forum called "SEARCH" use it...

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Ben, you can choose to believe it or not, dude. But, I'm just simply telling people what really happened to me. No exageration. Maybe other people experienced differently. I don't know.

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chauncey.... lol

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people think they need to play them soft to break them in but all breaking in does is loosen up the suspension and stuff so really you should play them loud to loosen them up

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chauncey really is gonne start being mean to people lol

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^^ Hell yeah!
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