Sealed vs. Ported


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I've noticed most of you choose a ported enclosure for your system. Are you guys going for SPL rather than SQ? Anything I've ever been told is that sealed boxes sound a million times better.

Oh, and how do you keep your boxes from sliding around your trunk? My new box slides around alot.

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Really? A million times??

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I'm not saying that's my opinion, but anyone I've talked to has said something to that effect.

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correction its actually 1.645 million times better...common mistake lol

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just depends on how much of an SQ nut you are

but in a ported box they should still sound good to your average listener

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yea it still sounds good to me. it's just alot bigger than what I'm used to for a single 12" box. the sealed ones are usually half the size.

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i once heard that ported box are upto 3db louder then sealed but u lose some SQ...correct me if i heard wrong

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it depens on the port area. more port area more deebees but more area requires a longer port to create the same tuning frequency but a larger port area also usually means less port noise. Ported boxes are better its that simple. so build your own custom ported box. DO NOT BUY A PREFAB BOX THEY SUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!
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