Wayyyyy too F*ckin cold


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Well im lookin to see if tehres anything to do to make my car start. I think i may need a new battery that might hold up better to cold temperature.

Right now its -3 degrees, and it says "feels like -22 degrees here in iowa. http://www.weather.com/weather/local/52748?lswe=52748&lwsa=WeatherLocalUndeclare d&from=whatwhere

i want to buy a battery real soon cause im sick of this, will a red top do the trick since it will probably put out like twice the power when starting as a stock battery?

......im also sick of my cd player freezing.....

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damn cd player freezing? that is cold man. you park your car outside or in the garage?

just get any battery with a high cca.

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the red top will push more amps than a yellow beacuse its juzz for starting but the red top its not a deep cycle battery like the yellow top

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Yeap its cold alright its -9 here w/o windchill

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make sure you run your car EVERY day in this weather...vapor lock will fu<k sh!t up

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go for the batt. cuz i live up in mason city and mine was doin the same thing hard to start and now it starts with no problem..... (optima yellow top) bout 200

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That's normal weather up here Cars must be built for winters up here cuz I can have my old car sitting in the cold for days and start first click with no problems. Old batteries and all that stuff too. That's weird...lol. btw, i'm in in Newfoundland canada

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My prefered Battery is Sears Diehard. Gold, Or whatever the best one is. Never had problems with em. I got one in My 54 olds and I only start it once a month. Its like 15 degrees here now, and it just started no problem.

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i have a redtop for cranking never had no problem, also i think drycell batteries take c older temperatures then liquid cells.

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it feels great outside..had to drop the top!!

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suposed to be -20 with windchill where i am tommorow

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im have problems with my yellow top right now because of the cold, if i were you i would get a red top or a die hard gold. Both have great warranties so if they ever go bad take em back to Sears and and they will replace for ya. I used to work there and used to sell the krap outta those gold die hards. They have lots of CCA's and a long warranty.

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supposed to be -30 with windchill tomorrow &
started closing schools at 5:00pm today

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its 0 right now with windchill around -15, schools are allready closing around here, my schools on a 2 hour delay allready.

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its the end of the world!!!!
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