Ppi pro vs solo baric


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I have a PPI PC4100. Stickin to the old school equipment for a few reasons....mainly because it was incredibly good and today you can pick up the older stuff for a fraction of the price. Anyway, I like the single amp low watts. I'm wondering what any of you think about the old PPI Pro vs the old Solo Baric S12D Round not Square. My problem is that I want something as musical and tight as the PPI but as deep as the Solo. I only have 400watts for the sub to play with the other 200watts are going to the front stage so if you have other recommendations please keep it within the PPI PC4100 cause I'm not changing amps. The only other thing I was thinking about doing was breaking my single amp rule and installing 2 PPI PC275 and have a single SOLO 12 running off the PC4100 at 400watts and two PPI PRO 10's getting 300watts a peice each having there own PC275. This however seems ridiculous but I would do it to get the perfect combo if thats what it would take. Thanks

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why not sell that save ur money and get something good...

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actually the ppi amp and the round solobarics are very good.

and for the question i wouldn't run a 12" and a pair of 10"s, especially from different brands. as for the ppi sub cannot really say i have heard them but i like the round solo's, alot better than what they are now imo.

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I wouldn't sell them ever....they were top of the line then and they are still top of the line now. They are not an Art Series but they are close. I just hate having to run seperate crossovers otherwise I would still have my A1200 and my A600. As for the Old PPI Pro 12...not much on the market today is as musical. And the old round Solo I think is still faster and hits tighter then the new square ones. The squares are louder but slow and muddy sounding even when you pump them full of watts you can still hear the mud. Thanks for the reply CTMIKE. The PPI Pro 12 is very musical but can't hit the lows the Solo can. There has to be a sub out there tthat can do both.
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