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Most of those dudes are straight pr!cks. I was reading a thread about a guy who was indecisive about selling his car and these dudes were just tearing into him so I jumped in and talked about how spoled I was just to get them off his back and sure enough iceteebone started going after me. It's like they have nothing better to do then try to flame people. All of them are really bitter and hate the people with nice things or "noobs". By noobs I mean anyone who doesn't have 20,000!+ posts. I know Yanks made a thread about how nice ecoustics was, but I just wanted to say thanks again!

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lol...i was just thinking the same exact thing...

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Username: Denali_on_22s

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Did you see the Kenny Pollack thread about a new car?

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yeah and they all think TTB makes regular boxes. they think without numbers theres no proof and that it means nothing that tuan holds a world record, "if i had the time and money i could too" hahahha

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yeah your right basically most are prickes but what can you do there are some good guys on there with alot of knowledge, plus they have the best online for sale section

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when you go to termpro forum, its similiar. i guess when you have a lot of knowledge (supposedly), you look down on people. rofl.

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Username: Denali_on_22s

SSX, Tenneki US of A

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Haha, the dude that was trying to flame me got banned for 3 days....

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car audio guys are @$ss's tht think they no it all

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I know ca.com guys can BLOW MY NUTS
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